Since Wazza’s sermon on Fleeing Sexual Immorality at graceat6 last week, I’ve been making an especial conscious effort on avoiding the temptation and not falling into the lust and the actions associated with.

Back when I was working in the city, there was great temptation to lust after a myriad of attractive females, who either unsuspectingly, or purposefully dressed to impress, and did so with great success, albeit probably not the outcome they had envisioned. I suppose that being in a fairly isolated or Christianised environment can make it easier, and I’ve found things quite easy since my move away from the city in terms of work.

I’ve also noticed more and more, especially in the clubs and festival scene that girls seem to be ‘working harder’ to improve their physical form, and show it off to people. In this hedonistic, self worth and image culture that we now find ourselves in, it is very difficult to remain a pure and holy being.

I guess it comes down to being in the world, but not of it. A hard task indeed, and something that we NEED the help of God to achieve. If you’re the praying folk, pray for the hundreds of Christians, especially young guys, that struggle with this every day, and pray for me. Some things in my past have exposed me to more than I would have liked to have been, and this makes it easier to slip back into those ways. I’ve not really spoken about it with many people, and I’m not sure that there is a need to, just know that it’s there and not looked favourably upon.