This week has been a bit busier in my down-time… and a still fairly quiet in the office, with the majority of ministers being at CMS Summer School. I’ve had the opportunity to work on redesigning the graceat6 website, which is planned to (re)launch on the 30th of January.

After getting the guys back in the house, we got on to playing Xbox on Monday night, with COD Black Ops: Zombies which was pretty fun… Though I’ve been finding that living here is not quite what I expected. My previous shared house experience with my uni mates John and Ed was mostly enjoyable. We bought groceries together and shared food, cooking and cleaning together. So far here, it feels like I’m renting a room… We all spend time in our own rooms, or out, there is little communication, and I feel a bit strange coming in as the third person to a couple of people that have lived together for a little while already. I’m sure that it will just take a bit of time to sort out, or adapt, but for the moment, life is really developing my graciousness and patience..

On Thursday night I dropped back home for some dinner with my folks before heading off to play indoor soccer with Jesus Lives. We played a good game of soccer and beat them, though I’m not sure what the final scoreline was, but I came away with a hurt shoulder. I was running up the right side of the field after the ball, and was tripped/tackled fairly abruptly. I wasn’t expecting it and wasn’t able to get my hands onto the ground to soften the blow, so I landed on my right shoulder, grazing a 2.5cm by 1cm patch and bruising a bigger patch around it. I didn’t really notice the damage that was there until after the match had finished, and then the severity of it hit again when I was driving home and wasn’t able to move my arm properly without experiencing pain. My folks suggested that I get to see the doctor as soon as I could. Sleeping proved fairly difficult as well, since I could only sleep in a couple of positions…

Friday morning I was off to see my Dr down in West Ryde at the medical centre. I arrived just short of 8am, which is when they open, to secure a spot in the line to see her when she arrived at 9… As I waited, I got to delve into some more bible reading, on a bit of a catch-up session. I didn’t get in to see the Dr. until about 9:45am… She examined my injury and told me to get it x-rayed, along with my chest, since I told her that I had been having a fairly sore throat for a few weeks. So I went upstairs to get my x-rays done, and dropped back down to see her, where she told me that there was no break, which was good, but that the muscle was bruised and that it would take a week or 2 for recovery, and also that I had chronic laryngitis…
The rest of Friday at work was pretty enjoyable; doing up bits and pieces for JMC (January Ministry Conference) which is happening from tomorrow until Friday at St Paul’s Carlingford with Craig Schafer speaking on Psalms in the mornings and Paul Grimmond speaking on 1 Timothy in the evenings from 7:30pm. I also spent some time in the afternoon making a wedding card for James and Charlotte’s wedding.
After work was touch footy. We had a fair amount of guys turn up again this week. I struggled to play a bit with my shoulder meaning that I couldn’t catch the ball or pass it particularly well, though I managed to get a couple of good attempts, including an intercept which led me 2/3 the way down the field, only to be tagged by Jace. At night I ended up at the folks for dinner again, this time with my sister and brother in law, plus a family friend. My sister also tidied up my hair with the clippers, taking out some length around the sides of my head.

Saturday was the union of James and Charlotte at Trinity Grammar School Chapel. Despite it being overcast, the weather was still quite muggy, especially uncomfortable in a suit.. James and his groomsmen: Hamish, Gareth and Geoff all looked quite handsome in their dark, subtley pinstriped suits, white shirts and green ties. The bridesmaids: Emily, Sophie and Peneloope looked equally as beautiful in their green dresses, but Charlotte was the standout, as she should be; a radiant bride in her lovely white dress, complete with a massive smile on her face. The reception was held at Angelos on the Bay in Cabarita and was an enjoyable time with family and friends of the lovely couple, with the traditional speeches from the fathers of the bride and groom, the best man, and the groom. The meal was tasty; I had salt & pepper calamari, beef medallion on a bed of mashed potato with vegetables, and an icecream pyramid. It was also good to see Sootie & Will; the photographers, who were the same ones who took photos for my sister’s wedding last year.

Here’s one of my favourite shots from my camera on the day. I plan on working on the rest with adjustments and what not soonish. They’ll go up on my Flickr eventually, most probably after I’ve given a copy to James and Charlotte.
James & Charlotte Moore

Today has been a pretty lazy day: playing computer games, watching some NFL with Jase and Lairdy and a nap in the afternoon before graceat6. graceat6 felt pretty disastrous: the church server had no power when I got in there, so that meant no network and no internet, I didn’t get the song details till late this afternoon, and of the four songs that I got, we didn’t sing one of them, which was the first one up. These things aren’t a huge importance, but it’s helpful to have them done right and with sufficient preparation. I wonder how things will be this year if I pull back from doing tech….

My bible reading plans have fallen through this weekend… I’ve not done as I said I would do… I guess it’s a good thing that the plan I’m on has a few days le-way, but it’s something that I shouldn’t take advantage of… This week won’t help much with it either with JMC.