The first week without Emma at the office has been a trying and testing one as the office and staff adjust to these changes..

First thing Monday morning I had to look into an accident that happened last Sunday involving a car accident and one of our security light poles, one of the new tasks I’ve inherited from Emma.
In the evening after work, Jason and I headed out to IKEA at Rhodes to pick up a desk for my room. I’ve been looking over IKEA desk combinations for the last month or so, trying to decide which to go with. I wanted something that was both wide enough to potentially have 2 working spaces: one for computing and one for analogue work, and deep enough to hold my 30″ monitor a fair distance away from me. I wasn’t able to find a regular desk that really met my specifications, and ended up going with this: Galant Conference Table. Now $499 is a high price to pay for a desk, and rest assured that I didn’t pay this much for my desk. I managed to find the desk-top sitting in the “as-is” section for $59, and was convinced by Jase to buy 6x$5 legs to support the desk rather than spend ~$200 on the supporting frame and T-Legs. So I ended up with a very nicely sized desk for 1/5th the price I could have paid.

Tuesday morning was graceat6 meeting, where we were joined by Pete and Emma Davies; a couple from Queensland, who have come down for Pete to study at Moore Theological College. We talked through the launch, hearing from Pete and Emma with their reflections and impression of the launch and graceat6 in general, and then growth group allocations for the year and the serving roster.

Wednesday at lunch, the office was invited to have lunch with Mothers Union at their launch. I sat with Emma Warren over lunch which is always fun. It was also Chinese New Years Eve, so for dinner I headed home to eat with the family, as is the tradition. Dinner was pretty tasty; we had chicken and duck, salmon and abalone. I also got a red packet from my folks, which is also tradition.

Tonight at graceat6, Mike preached a great sermon on Haggai 1. In Haggai, we see Israel looking after themselves and not using their time and resources in service of God, which is very similar to the way that many people live their lives in this day and age, Christian or not. We are invited to consider and think, and invited to live our lives for God.

We also see how Haggai is about Jesus: how He is the true Israelite; always looking to build His Father’s House, and to glorify God His Father. We see how Jesus IS the House/Temple of God; how He is both the neglected and ruined temple – on the cross, and He is also the rebuilt temple in the resurrection.

Our response to Haggai is to make sure that Jesus is the priority for us. We also need to see and know that the saints are also temples, temples of the Holy Spirit as it says in 1 Corinthians 6, so we are to make sure that we are building both ourselves and each other up, as we are instructed to do in Hebrews 10.

Bible reading has been going pretty well this week, still needing more discipline to get up to speed with it all. Today in my reading, I came across Matthew 12:36-37 which says:

36I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, 37 for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

I’ve not read Matthew for a long time, but I’m not sure if I’ve really noticed this verse in previous readings either. It ties into James really well, which Simon Nixey preached on last year about piercing the tongue. I think it’s really quite scary for those that do just carelessly blurt things out, and I’ve been thinking through if/how it influences the things that we ‘say’/type on the internet.



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