Monday was my Birthday!! I got plenty of birthday messages throughout the day, thanks to those that wished them! We had cake at lunch for the staff whose birthdays were in January & February.
I also got given a cake by Linda Billet who personally dropped into the office to deliver it to me, with a candle to go on top. She also brought down her mini blow-torch, but we didn’t use it.
After work I went to Alfie’s place before heading on down to Menangle with Anne and Doddsy for wedding rehearsal. I met the bridal party: Catherine, Elyssa and Caitlyn. Whilst I was down there we dropped in to the Charles residence for drumsticks and birthday cake, complete with candles.

Tuesday night after work I went back to my folks place to pick up my dad, before picking up mum from work at Macquarie Uni on the way to The Outback Steakhouse at North Strathfield for a birthday dinner with the family. I had the full rack of Razerback Ribs, which were pretty tasty, but no where as nice as Hurricanes, or the place I went to in Melbourne with Veigli.

Wednesday night at Growth Group we gained an extra 2 people, putting our total number to 17 persons. We are currently looking at Colossians, so Wednesday was chapter 1:1-14. It’s a good passage that shows the example Paul was of a prayerful brother in Christ, one who prays for the saints even though he hadn’t met them. I’ve been encouraged to be more thankful in my prayers, to pray more and to do so for people outside of my immediate relationships. We also had cake for my birthday, it wasn’t blackforest, one of my favorites, but I really appreciated the effort of trying to turn a mudcake into blackforest with the addition of cream and berries.

Thursday was a fairly busy day with a funeral for one of the longest standing members of St Pauls and then the AGM at night. I had some last minute presentations to be finalised and touched up, but once that was done, it was pretty much smooth sailing from there…
Friday morning I went back to see the dentist for a couple of fillings, one of which required a local anaesthetic. The first injection didn’t take as well as it was supposed to, so I had a second injection that knocked the lower left side of my mouth out, and some of my tongue as well. 45 minutes later, I had 2 fillings and a numb mouth… I was told not to eat or drink for another 2 hours, which incidentally knocked out my lunch with Mike Everett; enabling him to take his beautiful wife out instead!! With most of the ministry team out of the office, either on holiday, day off, or working from somewhere else, the day was both quiet and productive; a rarity since Emma has gone…
Touch footy wasn’t too bad, despite not a lot of action happening on the wing. I always find it hard making runs, because people aren’t particularly aware of me, or they keep passing to the same players, not passing at all, or passing too late. At SALT, we had guest speaker James Fong come to do a talk on How can a Loving God allow Suffering?. It was a good talk, with plenty of engaging bits, some humorous stories and the truth of the Gospel.

Saturday was a huge day with the nuptials of Dr Andrew Symons and Monica Charles down at St James’ Menangle!! As a groomsman I made my way over to the Symons Residence around 10am to chill with the guys for a while. Anne kept us well fed with a bunch of sandwiches, before everyone got changed to go for the ~hour long trip down to Menangle. Once we were down there, we did some last minute touch ups to appearance with ties and lapel flowers, prayed together, and waited until Monica arrived to wander down the aisle. All of the ladies looked amazing, but Mon was especially gorgeous. After the ceremony, it was time to relax a little in the church grounds for some afternoon tea, although it was a warm one, and the breeze that blew by this lovely church on a hill didn’t help, because it was warm. After most guests had left, it was time for the bridal party to get their photo-shoot going. We had some greatly framed shots, especially Alfie and Mon, around the church, the railway and surrounds and the reception place. At the railway, we had an unexpected guest that joined in the shoot: a small bird. It was tamed, and we think that it had somehow escaped, but it hung around, perhaps too much, the bridal party and photographer for most of our time there… Here’s a shot I got of the happy couple, complete with bird:
Alfie & Mon Symons
The reception was enjoyable as well. I was welcomed with a hearty cheer as I wandered in with Lyss, the bridesmaid, on my arm. The general proceedings of the reception were: food, followed by speeches, before general fun and dancing, which worked really well. The food was rich in flavour and tasty. I had Tasmanian salmon fillet crusted on grilled asparagus spears with tomato, basil and baby caper salsa, Lam shank on Italian potato with seasonal vegetables and thyme jus, and Dark chocolate truffle mousse flavoured with orange. Things didn’t feel rushed at all, and people seemed to be enjoying it all, some more than others. The speeches were all excellente, containing much biblical wisdom and prayers. We didn’t get back to Carlingford until 12:30, and by that time, my car, which was parked in at Carlingford Court was well locked in, so Doddsy dropped me home.

Today was fairly relaxed. I spent the morning watching some tv and adjusting meta-data for some recorded radio shows in my iTunes before walking up to Carlingford Court to do some grocery shopping and pick up my car. After coming back to The Flat I hung out a little while with Jason & Eliza’s Growth Group during their ‘social time‘ and then returned to my room whilst they had their study, to watch some more tv and adjust meta-data. At graceat6 we had Martin & Julie Field and their kids, ministry partners working in Argentina come to tell us about their work, and Martin gave the talk tonight. He spoke from Luke 4:1-13 on the temptation of Jesus, reminding us how Jesus trusted God in Life, Death and Resurrection, and how we are to do the same by both knowing God’s Word: the Bible, but also by trusting in it.



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