Today marks 1 year since I joined the staff here at St Paul’s Carlingford as the office administrator. I thought I’d reminisce about some of the achievements I’ve made in the job, some of my frustrations, and also some regrets over this last year. I should probably also outline what I do here, because I’ve only just realised that I’ve not done that since starting…

So as the office administrator, my role spans a number of jobs within clerical, accounting, statistical and ministerial areas. General tasks tend to be:

  • Answering phone and email enquiries
  • Mail – collecting, sorting and distributing
  • Order and maintain stationery and catering supplies
  • Website maintenance, design and implementation
  • IT support

Plus there’s a whole bunch of other things that I do, or have to be aware of…

I’ve found that this role has been rewarding, challenging & frustrating all at the same time…
It’s rewarding in that I’m able to support the ministers of St Paul’s and help them to get alongside our members and encourage them in the bible.
It’s challenging to work in a team of 35 people and be one of the central hubs of information, having to be aware of most things that are happening, spanning different areas.
It’s frustrating working in a Christian environment because of the stereotypical expectations you have of people, only to realise that they are sinful human beings, just like you… In a predominantly Non-Christian environment it felt like people had an excuse…

There are times that I miss working in the city. I kind of miss catching the train, as odd as it sounds, and the productivity that I brought. I miss being able to get out and catch up with friends for food, coffee, art, beers. I miss the convenience of being able to get out to so many shops. I miss working with non-Christians.. I also miss not having as much money; it means that I’m unable to give as much as I used to to church, not able to save as much, and not able to spend as much, which in one way is good, but I need to balance this not spending with not desiring as much either…

I haven’t really set a timeframe for how long I planned to remain in this job, my thought for the moment is to remain for as long as God will have me there…



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