I Need Air by Magnetic Man

I’m typing up this post on my new 13″ Macbook Air, affectionately called Magnetic Mac.
So you may recall that my old Macbook Pro 17″ was stolen out of my window at the flat, along with my iPod touch. This is my replacement and upgrade of that machine and my Dell mini 9 hackintosh. It is not as powerful a machine as I want it to be, but for my basic, on the road requirements, it is all I need.

The decision process was quite difficult. I was in a few minds as to what I wanted/needed, weighing up where and when I would use my new machine. As well as having a portable machine to take notes, I also wanted something that I’d be able to use at AWESOME!!: our annual youth camp to show powerpoint and video, with some video editing; basic if need be. Finances were also a factor that needed to be considered. The two major candidates were this 13″ Macbook Air, and then the recently refreshed 13″ Macbook Pro, with the addition of a 256GB OWC SSD. In the end, the portability and the complete package won out.

I placed my order online on the 13th of April in the evening, expecting delivery by the 27th of April…. Three days later, in the evening, I received notification that it had been shipped from Shanghai, giving me hope that it would arrive soon… As I watched the TNT tracking page over the coming days, there seemed to be a holdup at Pudong International Airport, but then yesterday afternoon, the TNT delivery guy turned up with a box. 6 days from go to woah!!

Over the last day I’ve been updating, installing, and customising my new machine in order that it be usable for sermon & lecture notes, watching tv & movies, listening to music, capturing & editing photos, emailing and web browsing.