Monday was the last day for my sister Anna and brother-in-law Arthur in Hong Kong before they shipped out to London and Europe, so the majority of the day was spent taking care of final bits and pieces for them. We headed to the General Post Office in Central so that they could send a few bulky items back to Australia, cutting down on their travel luggage. Next stop was Cheung Hing Tailor for Arthur to try on his tailor made suit and trousers, which needed a slight lengthening. I decided to take advantage of getting measured up for another suit and some trousers, which fit better, and are cheaper than street bought suits and clothes… We took in a late lunch at Crystal Jade Xio Long Bao in Causeway Bay before heading back home for them to pack and head off to the airport. At night with just the three of us, we wandered around the streets of Causeway Bay to find a place to eat, we ended up at a very busy little Hong Kong Cafe which serves a variety of foods. I ate tomato & beef with fried egg rice and drank a very tasty and refreshing tangerine with honey and lemon, served in a wine cariff…

On Tuesday, since we had no real pre-arranged plans, we hung about in the apartment, grabbing some plain congee, a sticky rice and some rice noodle rolls for breakfast. When the maid service came to change the linen in our apartment, we took the opportunity to get out, despite the rain. We ended up catching the 116 bus over to Kowloon City, where my mum used to live, in search of some Chiu Chow food. After wandering the streets there, without any real direction, we ended up grabbing lunch at a noodle house, and then wandering around the Kowloon City Plaza. We randomly ran into some of mum and dad’s friends whilst in there as well… By the time we were ready to leave, it was bucketing down rain, thanks to a thunderstorm, so we wandered some more, in the hope that the rain would subside, which it didn’t… Eventually we made the decision to go and catch the number 1 bus to Tsim Sha Tsui to go and grab a hot drink and bite to eat, but that turned out to be a bit of an aimless wander as well as the place we’d intended to go was closed for refurbishments… As we wandered the streets, we decided to just head back to Causeway Bay where we ended up eating at Sogo Cafe. I got a mediocre black forest cake and Irish coffee, whilst my folks opted for the high tea set.
In the evening we met up with my uncle Daniel, auntie Margot, cousin Zoe, and their granddaughter/niece Joset to have dinner. We went to another Chiu Chow restaurant for some pretty nice food.

Wednesday morning we stayed in and had a quiet morning before taking an early lunch with one of mum’s classmates at a local restaurant, along with some friends from Sydney. About halfway through lunch, the rain started absolutely bucketing down, so when we’d finished lunch, I had a mediocre shower as I darted between covers on my way back to the apartment. I spent the afternoon holed up, just watching tv and editing photos on Magnetic Mac. For dinner we headed downstairs to Affluent Kitchen downstairs for a mediocre meal…

Thursday was a day for each of us to do our own thing. My dad went off with his sister to visit one of their aunties. My mum went out to see some bookshop people about books for the Chinese Theological College Library. I went about on a tour of some of my local haunts, places that I’ve previously visited and usually come back to each time I’m in Hong Kong. First off was Mong Kok, to visit a computer mall, and then look around at shoes, two things that are abundant in the area. Then it was off along Nathan Road to a couple of the mansions which house a plethora of small shops, one with computer games, DVDs, VCDs, and CDs, and the other with watches and custom fashions. Next stop was the famous Temple St markets in Yau Ma Tei. I was a little early for them, they were still setting up, but there’s heaps of stuff there for men to purchase; fashion and accessories. Next stop was Tsim Sha Tsui for a wander around K11 and Harbour City to look at camera lenses and bags, I did catch a glimpse of an absolutely gorgeous girl; she looked like ‘Buttercup‘ but taller, thinner, and with a bit more pizzazz, or style. I then caught the Star Ferry back over the harbour and the MTR back to Causeway Bay, topping in at Wellcome for some supplies. When I got back to the apartment, there were some old family friends there, so we headed out for dinner at a local Shanghainese restaurant, which was pretty delicious.

Friday was Hong Kong’s Independence Day, so it was a public holiday. It was also a big day for social action, with a huge march from Causeway Bay to Central. We got out early to have brunch at a famous wonton noodle house, before heading back to our apartment. For most of the day, we remained there. I did get out in the afternoon for a little bit to get some snaps of this rally. There were in excess of 100,000 people who marched. In the evening we went out to catch the 116 bus across to my uncle Young Man’s place for dinner with many of my uncles and aunties, and the newlyweds.

Saturday lunch was with another one of mum’s old classmates, and then we headed to the tailors to pick up Arthur’s suit and trousers, but unfortunately mine weren’t quite ready yet. I came back afterwards and worked on some new D-SiGN for CHONGLAND. In the evening we caught the tram out towards North Point and had dinner at a comfortable little restaurant serving a combination of Ha Ka and Taiwanese foods.

This morning we headed off to church at St Andrew’s Kowloon. We got there fairly early, probably around 8:40. There didn’t seem to be any welcomers about, so we kind of helped ourselves to newsheets and proceeded to sit down. The service seemed quite long when compared to graceat6. There were plenty of songs sung, maybe 5 or 6, but I didn’t rate them, they weren’t particularly congregationally friendly, comprising of unusual rhythms and syncopation. The song leader wasn’t particularly strong either. There were a number of congregational prayers: confession and The Lord’s Prayer, and whilst they were good to pray, there seemed to be a lot of added parts to the service. By the time we’d actually gotten around to the sermon, roughly an hour had already passed. The speaker was John Menear who spoke on Psalm 1. His main focus was on the blessed; who they were, and the life they’re to live. Whilst it wasn’t a bad sermon, it wasn’t as meaty and as deep into the text as I’m used to at St Paul’s, nor was there much biblical theology in there… I thought there might have been more blessing and curse addressed in there.. And there wasn’t a great explicit link to Jesus, it was more of a sudden jump. It was a great reminder that as God’s blessed, that we are to walk in the ways of His law, meditating on it night and day.
In the afternoon, we caught the tram out to the JW Marriott to meet up with my dad’s aunty for afternoon tea. It was buffet, and so we ate a fair amount. I think it was comparable to buffets in Australia, the mains were a bit better, but the desserts definitely were lack lustre in comparison. Then tonight, we headed out to Tsim Sha Tsui to have dinner with another uncle and auntie, and my two cousins and their families, including cute cute kids, two of whom we saw just after birth, and are now three years old.

With three more days in Hong Kong, I’m not sure how much more eating I can cope with, but there seems to be plenty to do. I’ve also got a few things on my want-to-purchase list that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fulfil…



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