This week was my first week back in Australia and at work. It’s felt a tad unusual coming back, and working out what’s happened in my absence.

Monday morning heading back to work felt a bit surreal… After picking up the mail, I headed in to find a very quiet office. After some Vegemite toast, I settled in to some emails and gauging what had happened. Mid-morning, I caught up with Gary who had also just returned from holidays, by heading off-site on a little road trip out to Macquarie Centre for him to take care of some business. We took in a coffee and a chat whilst out there as well, and I managed to do a little shopping at Big W as well. During staff prayers, we looked at Mark and Jesus’ referring to Himself as Son of Man. The afternoon was fairly quiet, thanks mostly to the school holidays and meetings. For dinner, I was pondering heading to the shops to do some shopping and then cooking a bolognaise for dinner, or heading out to see Transformers 3 at the cinemas, but when I arrived home and mentioned my intentions to Jason, he presented me with the alternative of staying in for Thai and playing Gears of War 2 with one of his schoolmates Joe, which I ended up doing.

On Tuesday morning I woke up quite abruptly at 9:10am, though I was supposed to be at work at 9am. Again it was a quiet day, but we did have the slight excitement of having some new kitchen equipment delivered, and the dramas that ensued with that in gas conversion and related queries. The afternoon was spent looking into and trying to organise things that needed to be done on Wednesday.
After work, I headed up to the shops to purchase some foods before heading home to cook up a bolognaise for dinner, and feeding Jase and Jane who were having a directors meeting for Windang Beach Mission. It was quite a delicious bolognaise, with a subtle kick to it thanks to some chilli flakes that went in early with the mince.

Wednesday was offline day at church so that we could do some network infrastructure re-configurations. Some of our network was re-patched, we installed some new powerpoints and network points and cleaned up other parts of our network and computers. It was a long day. I was at work from 7:30am and didn’t get home until after 8pm. We got quite a bit of stuff done, but not as much as we had envisioned. One exciting thing that did happen, was that my new camera bag arrived, from South Korea. It is a Kata 3N1-33, which has a quick access side panel, along with plenty of spaces to put other camera bits and pieces, lenses and miscellany. It is quite big and bulky, but solid, which really is what you want in a bag. I’m now wondering if I should also invest in a slightly smaller bag, just in case I want to run around with only 1 lens…

Thursday morning was spent doing a fair bit of troubleshooting from the fallout of offline day. In the evening I drove back to my folks place to pick up my dad, before we headed out to Chinatown to Marigold Chinese restaurant for dinner with some family friends, the Chiu’s, who live in Hong Kong, but have been in Australia during that time. Dinner was tasty!! We had prawn crackers, fresh thinly sliced abalone, abalone & chicken soup dumplings, a choi called Dow Miew, Pigeon, and bitter-melon with pork.

Friday was again quiet. We had some network problems, which made it a little difficult to work, but the lack of people around made it bearable. After work, I got back on the touch field, though I was one of only 9. It was a cold evening, and the sleet made it a bit more difficult to play, but it was an enjoyable time. I managed to put down about 3 or 4 tries. At night I spent my time watching Le Tour de France with a bunch of people and playing some Torchlight on Magnetic Mac. It was my first night of watching a complete stage.

Saturday was totally relaxed. I didn’t do much at all, save for more Torchlight with some television, and then Thai for dinner with Jase and Joe again, followed by Gears of War 2 and Le Tour de France at night.

Today again was quiet. After waking up and doing some computer bits and pieces, I did some washing before a beach mission meeting took place at The Flat, shutting me into my room. I got back to graceat6 this evening as well, having missed a good 4 weeks. It felt good to be back, considering the church services that I’ve been to during that time, but there were still things that I found a little distracting, or frustrating…
Tonight Jase preached from Mark 8:27-38 on How do I live as a Disciple of Jesus?. It was a fairly good sermon, focusing on Jesus. I liked the way that he reinforced his main points:

  • Disciples know Jesus
  • Disciples follow Jesus
  • Disciples are saved/set free by Jesus

The main application and reminder for me is to know Jesus. Often I neglect to spend time in the Word, and pray, and that is not a good thing. Pray that I would remember to immerse myself in the Word.
Post graceat6, I got to catch up with a bunch of people before doing a dinner shop and dining at The Flat on satay chicken with fusilli, followed by chocolate pudding with cookie and cream ice cream thanks to Nicky.



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