I don’t remember a whole lot of my week to be honest… I’ve had a fair amount to think through and talk about some of the things I wrote on last weeks SunSum.

Monday I didn’t get to catch up with Geoff because of the Moore College Review, so I ended up doing a little church history reading and then playing some computer games.

Tuesday evening after finishing work a little later than anticipated, I wet grocery shopping and spent a little more than anticipated. When I got home, I did some housework and cooked up a carbonara for dinner, eating it whilst tucked away in my room during growth group. Lairdy and I filled in the census after they finished.

Wednesday was Rose’s birthday, so at morning tea we cracked out the cheese, dip and crackers along with some Crunchies. In the evening I got out to growth group where we looked at 1 Kings 8 in which Solomon prays to God, reflecting on how He has fulfilled His covenant promises to Israel, His people.

Thursday night at college we looked at a couple of famous writers: Irenaeus and Tertuliian.

Friday I felt really quite down, so it was difficult to work. There were a few menial tasks that helped me to get my mind off of things though. At touch, I managed to land the first try on a nice break down the wing, with a well timed stop-start to avoid a last minute touch on the line.

Saturday was a fairly lazy day until the evening when Tim and Jason came around to play some Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Today I got home to see my family for the first time in a few of weeks, before heading out to the movies to see Green Lantern: a visually beautiful movie, that wasn’t great in development of characters, but still fun to watch, as most superhero movies are becoming these days. I do have a spot for Blake Lively; she is absolutely gorgeous in the movie, though she is a bit of an unbelievable character. Tonight at graceat6 Gary spoke on 1 Kings 8 and gave us a great rundown on prayer, especially that of Solomon; that he prays in light of his relationship with God and we need to do the same, rather than always praying because of our own circumstance or needs.
After graceat6 I headed out to The Argyle with Nicky to see/hear some djs called Random Soul. It was surprisingly busy for a Sunday night. I think that the APEC Weekend may have been less busy… There were some good tunes and bootlegs played, with a bit of Crazy P, Fleetwood Mac and MGMT thrown in for good measure.

So what’s been bothering me of late, you may ask? I’ve been feeling down, and more so and more often than normal, which could and probably does mean that I am susceptible to depression. I’ve been able to talk through a few things with a couple of people who have experience with depression. They’ve kind of identified that because I’m quite a sensitive (some may say hyper-sensitive) person, softly spoken, and someone that notices things, that these are all big factors in depression. So I am very weary of this. You may think: Why don’t you just change the way you are?? That’s not really a helpful question… Sure I could try and be less affected by the things that happen around, but changing your personality is not an easy thing to do. I am learning ways in which to deal with things, and think about things, and in light of tonight’s talk, and indeed the current 1 Kings series that we’re going through, to pray about things, and be assured that God is gracious and faithful to His work which He has started in me, that He will bring it to completion. For those that have been praying for me, speaking to me, advising me and reassuring me, I truly am grateful, and thank God for your love and ministry.