Well this week has been an interesting one… I’ve been dealing with the after-effects of the break in at church: trying to find some people to repair doors, and fix locks.

Monday was a day for a bit of tidy up, trying to work out what had actually been taken, what was damaged and was fixable, what was a write-off. I didn’t get to meet up with Geoff because he had an essay due on Tuesday in the evening, so I just hung out at the flat and played some Gears of War 3.

Tuesday I got to organising a bit more of the recovery of our building. At night whilst growth group was on, I edited photos from Awesome whilst watching some tv.

Wednesday was a long day, kicking of with the communicating finance committee first thing in the morning. The mid to late afternoon seemed to run really slowly… At night I headed to growth group where we celebrated Nic’s birthday with cake, then had a study on prayer. The group certainly had a differing opinion and biblical view to what I’ve been used to and heard in the past. The definition concluded upon by the group was very varied to the one that Phillip Jensen presented to us at the Mission Minded Network Conference. Jensen’s definition was that prayer was asking God of things, but the group went with the more general definition of talking to God. However as the night continued, that seemed to blur more and more, with singing, deep thinking and feeling being thrown into the mix, gleaned from various verses in the bible… It was interesting to see how they thought about prayer. I’d be interested to a continuation of the study with the inclusion of the prayers of Jesus.

Thursday was a more enjoyable day, with some results coming from earlier in the week.
As I made my way into college that night I stopped in at Workshop Espresso for coffee where one of the barista’s complemented me on my funky stuff, this time on my OCD shirt. In church history we looked at the two schools of exegesis, the formation of the canon of scripture, and Jerome.

Friday was another extremely long day. After work at touch footy we had around 9 a side, a little down on normal, I managed to put through 1 try. SALT was pretty enjoyable.. It was good to be back for the last term of the year and especially good to see so many year 6’s coming along as well. Post SALT, we had a leaders meeting to discuss the next year or so. It took a few hours, but it was really worthwhile to hear the leaders voice ideas and opinions.

Yesterday was really quiet, I spent the majority of the day in bed, or watching tv and editing photos still… In the evening I dropped around at Bree’s new place to watch some rugby and have Thai for dinner before coming home to watch some Kings a television series retelling the rise of King David.

This morning I caught up with Nic, reading through Acts 23 and praying. I finished the Gears of War 3 campaign on hardcore mode in the arvo and then went through some music videos… At graceat6 Mike started a 5 week series on worship. His main passage was John 4, but used most of John. He defined worship as engagement with God on terms that He proposes and in the way that He makes possible. Jesus changes everything, changes the religion of worship into the relationship with Himself, it is not limited to location, but has been expanded to a reorientation of life.
Post graceat6 we watched the abysmal replay of the recorded rugby union game between Australia and New Zealand, before sneaking another episode of Kings in as well.