So this week has been fairly busy at work, and pretty relaxing out of work.

On Monday Night, because Geoff was in the middle of Moore College Exams, I headed home to my folks place to do some washing. Unknown to me was that the filling mechanism on the machine wasn’t working properly, so each fill cycle took roughly an hour, so the initial fill and the rinse cycle added a good 2 hours to the wash, not to mention the start when I was trying to figure out the problem, and restarted the cycle….
I also grabbed some food supplies from my parents as they were on holidays.

Tuesday was a nicely productive day, and in the evening I sorted through my photos from Uprock over some dinner (pasta with a tomato, olive and chilli stir-through sauce) and television.

Wednesday was another productive day at work, with plenty of people around the office being out or away, meaning that I could get things done, especially in the lead up towards Christmas. At growth group, we were up to our second last study in Where To Lord?, this week looking at the wisdom , but with a diminished group due to illness and uni exam pressures looming.

Thursday I got to duck out of work to head to the optometrist for a check-up. I thought my appointment was at 12pm, but it turns out that it was actually at 12:30. Whilst I was out at Macquarie Center I was able to drop in at the bank, as well as at JB Hi-Fi to pick up my copies of Gears of War 3 which they evidently mis-placed my contact details for… In the evening, since I didn’t have college, I spent the time relaxing. I watched a movie, made some chicken & sweet corn soup for dinner and played some games.

Friday was my quiet day of the week. There were bits and pieces on, but overall it was a bit more relaxing. After work, it was time for touch, down at Kingsdene. I didn’t score too many tries, and it was still plenty of hard work with a small field and not a heap of players. I had to keep my head on my shoulders, and keep my cool throughout the game with plenty of people pushing their opinion on each other. SALT was also an evangelistic night, and it was really good to see so many of the youth inviting and having friends come along. We had Jon Thorpe come along to speak on Identity Crisis from Ephesians 2:1-10. It was a good talk, mostly clear and addressing the 2 questions of Is Christianity True? and What does it mean for Me? through the 3 titles of I Was, I Am & I Will. It addressed that there is a problem; the problem of sin, and that needs a solution. The answer is the grace of God, because He is good, and that is what saves us. So because we are saved, we should be good. After SALT when I got home, Jason, Lairdy and I sat down for a fair few hours of Gears of War 3.

Saturday morning I had to get up fairly early, not good after going to sleep so late, to head down to church to setup the sound for the Gingerbread Trees. Then it was back home to relax and watch some television. In the afternoon I got out to play some football after packing up Gingerbread Trees sound stuff, then headed back home for a night in, watching more television and sleeping early.

This morning I was up earlyish for some bits and bobs on the computer, before my one-to-one with Nic. We didn’t realise that we’d finished Acts the last time that we caught up, so we ended up reading Jude which warns the called of those who have slipped in unnoticed and who pervert the gospel. It’s really interesting all the Old Testament references that are in the book, and also the skew of the content between warning and action. There’s also a great doxology at the end.

Tonight at graceat6 Hamish preached from Lamentations 3 as kind of his farewell sermon. Lamentations is not a particularly well known or studied book, and it is fairly easy to see why… It’s quite depressing for the most part, poetically describing hard times and judgement, though there is a silver lining contained within the book, and that is what Hamish continually pointed us towards: The steadfast love of God. We see this ultimately in Jesus, and so we need to wait, hope and endure all kinds of suffering for Jesus to return and make all things new.