So this week I’ve been riding up and down on the wave of life….

Monday night I got out to catch up with Geoff in Newtown. We headed to one of the local pubs for a $10 steak. It was good to catch up and talk through things.

On Tuesday morning at graceat6 staff meeting, we looked at the passage for tonight: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10. It was interesting to go through and think about what Tony would say/may say in his talk. In the evening I headed back to my folks place for dinner, having prawns, BBQ Duck, lettuce and rice, and catching up, since they’d been away in Hong Kong and Singapore for the last couple of weeks. When I got home, whilst Lairdy & Steph’s growth group was on, I spent the time hauled up in my room playing some Gears of War 3.

Wednesday night at growth group, we had our last study of Where to Lord?, looking at a case study on work and the guidance of God. We ran through many parts of the bible including Genesis, Ecclesiastes. It was a good reminder that work is hard, but it is also rewarding, and we can find joy in it.

Thursday, after a bit of a rough day at work, I got home a little early and spent some time playing some Gears of War 3 with Jace. We then headed out to The Hills Home Hub in Castle Hill to head to The Good Guys for some discounted iTunes vouchers, and to JB Hi Fi to look at some discounted TVs. On the way home, we stopped in at Jimmy’s in Parramatta for a delicious kebab, before some more Gears of War 3. It was a fun time and much needed after a rough day.

Friday, was a bit quieter, and it was good to get some things done. We didn’t get to play touch, because of the rain, but I’m hoping that Harold West Reserve will be open for play next week. Instead, I spent the hour and a half back at home, and subsequently played some Gears of War 3 with Jase and Jack. SALT was a fairly easy one for me since there was little to no tech stuff to be done.

Saturday was really quite a quiet one. Apart from heading down to church to setup sound for the Gingerbread House event, I spent the day at home watching TV and playing games.

This morning I met up with Nic to read the bible, starting Hebrews 1:1-2:4. The first 4 verses are especially gold, and a great reminder of who Jesus is, and the great power that He has, as are the first 4 verses of chapter 2, which really give light to a lot of chapter one. Tonight at graceat6 we had an evangelistic service with Tony Payne speaking on the topic of What is a Christian? & How do I become one? from 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10. It was a good talk, focused on the Thessalonian Church, and how they became Christians, as an example of what one is. Of importance were the steps that they took: Being convinced of the truth, they turned from worshipping idols to serve the living and true God, and wait for the return of Jesus, though they are destined to face ridicule and persecution.
After church, and numerous conversations with people, Nicky and Alex Cullen came back to the flat for some Gears of War 3 action and an episode of Kings.



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