Well this last week of holidays has yet again been a quiet one, though a little more eventful than the previous…

The last SunSum was written during my night out at OneNightOnly featuring the legendary Sasha. It was an enjoyable night, a great journey through many different dance music sub-genres with an up-for-it crowd. At the conclusion of the night, aka 6am, I trekked back to my car for a drive back home, over the Harbour Bridge as the sun continued it’s rise over the horizon. I had thought that I may have broken through the sleep wall, and stopped by Pablo & Rusty’s in the hope of picking up a coffee, only to find that they were closed… (One can only hope…) When I got home I meandered through a few menial tasks before finally crashing in bed for a few hours of disjointed sleep. Once I was up, I continued on my gaming, television and cleaning agenda, this week playing through Arkham City.

Tuesday I played some more and started working my way through season one of The O.C.. I’m not sure why, but I get emotional with Marissa, I seem to connect or identify with her, or maybe I just feel sorry for her….

Wednesday as I was organising the flat I came across my Linksys Cisco E2000 router that we’ve been using as a gaming router… I had intentions of setting this up as a wireless bridge when I bought it, but never got it going properly with our old modem/router. We eventually replaced the old with a Linksys Cisco X3000 that plays well with the E2000 and have managed to set it up as a repeater bridge, so now those that connect to is, either wired, or wirelessly will be able to connect to the internet…
In the evening I ducked back to my folks place to drop off some things I’d borrowed when I moved, and ended up sticking around for dinner as well.

Thursday was one of the most eventful days of the week… After a slowish start to the morning, I got to cleaning the fridge, emptying it of a bunch of extraneous items, and wiping down/out plenty of the gunk that had been spilt in it, before getting on to cleaning the oven, armed with gloves and protective eyewear… As the oven cleaner was doing it’s work, Nat (our soon-to-be flatmate), came over to move some things into the place, and I got to wiping/cleaning the fridge shelves, during which I managed to slice open the tip of my thumb on part of the metal, losing a heap of blood in the process… Luckily Nat was there to perform first aid on me, especially as I was feeling really faint, light-headed, and sweaty…
In the afternoon I had a bro-date with Matt; we headed over to Pablo & Rusty’s for a quick coffee, and Carlingford Court for a bite. It was good to chat and talk through a heap of different things…
At night I was working on designing a new SALT website, mainly looking through a whole bunch of inspiration sites; other church websites, magazine sites and stuff, and trying to re-learn php, html and css…

Friday I finally got around to starting to clean my own room with a slight rearrangement to the furniture, some clothes folding and vacuumming… In the afternoon I got out on the touch oval for a really enjoyable game. I think I’m almost ready to trademark a move where I run the ball out after the kick to meet the opponent line, dart across the field, avoiding players touches and then skim my way out down the sideline… I managed to put one move on them, and had 2 others which were closed down a little quicker after the first manoeuvre resulting in a try.

Saturday morning was more room organisation and kitchen cleaning before suiting up for my 1st wedding of 2012 between James Oram and Kym Pilz at Christ Church, St Ives. It was a really nice wedding and the bridal party looked exquisite!! I especially liked the bridesmaids dresses, which seemed to be inspired by the jumpsuits you’d see in the seventies….

James & Kym Oram - Bridal Party

After the wedding, I headed into the city for Chinese Laundry‘s first Garden Party of the year featuring Netsky, Borgore, Danny Byrd and Noisia playing a varied mix of Jungle, Drum n Bass, Hip Hop and Dubstep… It was really really packed out and hard to move around, so I managed to find myself a small space at the back of the dancefloor to camp out in, somewhat dancing in an undulating motion, giving my abdominals a really great workout, so much so that they’re now particularly sore…. I was hoping to stick around after the garden party for another one of my DJ heroes; Darren Emerson, of Underworld fame, and his 4 hour set, but it had already been such a long day that I just headed home to crash out….

This morning I met up with Nic for our regular 1-2-1. Our normal venue; The Red Heart Cafe was closed for Christmas/New Year holidays, so we headed over to Pablo & Rusty’s to enjoy their coffee and bacon & egg rolls, whilst we read through Hebrews 5 which speaks of Jesus as the great high priest, yet highlights his humility and obedience to God. It also reminds us that the audience needed/needs to be nourished by the word and constant practice of it, discerning good and evil, a great challenge to me especially as I’ve been finding it difficult to be constantly nourished in the word….
Tonight at graceat6 we had Manny preach from Ephesians 3:14-21 through another of Paul’s prayers. I found it difficult to concentrate on the talk, and to take in what Manny was saying… I think that he’s a really intellectual guy, however, I think that from the pulpit things really need to be simplified quite a bit, so that those hearing are able to understand, especially with an audience that is so varied like ours at graceat6 which ranges from a few kids who are in primary school, through to retirees, and each of those people are differently educated. Sure, opening the scriptures is something that most people, if not all, are able to do, and understanding comes from God, through His Holy Spirit, but I think the speaker/preacher needs to be able to effectively communicate and clearly explain these things.. This talk is definitely one that I’ll need to re-visit, most likely a number of times and with a dictionary, to try to grasp what Manny’s thoughts and arguments were, and what he wanted us to come away with.
After the service I got to chat with a number of people, and then go and hang out with some others from graceat6 at the Sutton Residence over pizza dinner. I even got to meet a newcomer; Emma who was visiting to check out our church, with a possible view to joining us.

So tomorrow I head back to work… I’m not sure what to expect though. There’s bound to be some catch-up business and changeovers for the new year. We have a number of new staff, new MTSers and new things I’ll need to setup, plus there’s the ‘fallout’ of the Christmas/New Year period, which I take will need first aid. I’m hopeful that things won’t be too busy, so that I can get myself organised for the new year, with new challenges and tasks that need to be done. It looks like a year of great changes and challenges, which will be daunting, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.