This week, my first one back at work for the year, has been a pretty tiring one…

Despite the majority of the ministers being away at CMS Summer School or on holidays, there was still a heap to be done in the office: catch up and wrap up from the end of last year, update staff lists and details, finalise January Ministry Conference registrations and organise booklets, and get an order for T-Shirts together…

Being back at work made the evenings a little tougher to get through… Most days this week I crashed out when I got home… I didn’t get a chance to hang out with Geoff either. Instead, I’ve been working on some websites, organising mp3s and catching up on The Vampire Diaries

On Thursday night I headed back to my folks place for dinner with them, my sister, brother-in-law and my Auntie Jo who was visiting from the central coast…

Yesterday I headed along to my second wedding of the year, the union of Jack and Katie. It was a lovely wedding, nothing too light-hearted, a good gospel message preached by Jason, good prayers and a lovely item performed by Mim, Charlotte and Penny. I got a few good photos, despite the difficulty of a fairly low-light church… Here’s one of my favourites:

Jack & Katie Day - Kiss

The rest of my day was spent coding websites, editing photos and catching up on One Tree Hill… Late last night, our newest resident; Nat Ko at The Flat moved in.

This morning I missed out on meeting up with Nic as he was away, so I did some more coding instead..
At graceat6 tonight, we had Ross Abraham continue our summer prayer series from Philippians 1:9-11. I enjoyed the talk, it was simple and easy to understand, and the repetition of ideas that Ross continuously stated really helped to ground what he was getting at, which was that Paul prays that the saints be rooted in the Word, so that they bear fruit, in order that God be glorified.
Post graceat6 I headed to Mel Nicholls place for a BBQ dinner and farewell before she heads off on a Europe trip. It was good to chat and catch up with a number of people, especially those that had been away at some kind of mission over the last few weeks.

Tomorrow marks the kick off to January Ministry Conference at church, which should be a good, but tiring week. If you’re keen to hear some faithful bible talks, then by all means drop on in. Simon Manchester is down to do morning talks from 9:30am on Hebrews and Nathan Walter is up for the night talks from 7:30pm on Joshua. I’m hoping to get a run down of the talks up, but we’ll see how that goes….