I was hoping for a less stressful week this week, however it has turned out to be quite a busy one after all.

First thing Monday morning I met up with Gary for some work catch-up and to read some bible. We started looking at 1 John 1 with the first 4 verses. They speak of the eye-witness account of Christ and His life saving, life changing work, which gains us fellowship with The Father and The Son, and indeed all other Christians. The fact that we are saved and are able to have this fellowship is what completes our joy.
Several hours later at our staff meeting & prayers we happened to look at the same book.
The remainder of the afternoon was spent with the staff team of SALT looking through this year with the leaders expectations and a few other bits and pieces. It’s looking like a good year. I hope and pray that God would continue the growth of the youth, leaders and SALT this year.
After heading home, I got some food into me, before heading over to Mike’s place to go running with him, Josh and Harrison over in Baulkham Hills. The run training for the night was 3 sets of 4x400m at different paces. I only managed to knock out 8 of the 12, but I hope to get back again to build up my fitness again.

Tuesday was another day full of meetings with graceat6 and some bits and pieces about Crossway Anglican Churches. After work I headed out to IKEA to pick up some supplies to do some IKEA-Hacking; the plan being to build a few benches to place around my room for storage and to get things off the ground. After I began building them I came to the eerie realisation that things weren’t quite going to fit around my room without a great deal of rearrangement, so for the next few nights, I packed and rearranged my room. It’s still not quite all finished yet, still some final touches and sorting to be done; hoping that I’ll be able to finish off this week, keep an eye out for before and after shots.

Thursday being Australia Day meant a day off, which is both a good and a bad thing… Good because it’s a day off – restful, bad because you essentially need to squeeze 5 days of work into 4… My morning was spent in the room renovations, before heading around to Eliza’s parents place in Lindfield for her annual party; Triple J’s Hottest 100, cricket, tennis, beverages and food. It was a good chance to chat to various people, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Friday was absolutely hectic, yet exceptionally productive. First off I got down to Officeworks to pick up a couple of discounted web-cams before work. At work, I ended up looking at new domain names and emails, playing with the new database, getting some property maintenance done with Billie, color photocopying, and getting the graceat6 manifesto printed. After work was touch; an enjoyable game with about 8 a side. I managed to get one try in down the left hand wing, evading 3 chasers.
In the evening we had a SALT meeting with most of the leaders for this year, running them through the expectations that we are to abide by, explaining some of the changes for this year, and work-shopping a few other things.

For the most of yesterday I spent my day coding websites, watching tv shows and films and working on files and presentations for the graceat6 launch tonight. After such a day, I headed out to Carlingford Village for dinner and a bit of a read of Men of God; a book that some working guys will be looking at and discussing over this year… then it was back to work…

This morning the plan was to meet with Nic for our 1-2-1, then head out to visit Hillsong with Wonki joining the party, but alas the plan didn’t go accordingly and we didn’t do any of it at all… Instead, Wonki came around and we mucked around with some DJ software before cutting his hair.
Tonight at graceat6 we had our launch night for 2012. Mike preached through Colossians 3:1-17 which speaks about how we have been changed in Christ and how we are to live in light of that. We are to seek things above; though this isn’t quite as strong as it was in the original language. It is a command and plea that we Christians desire/meditate/strive after/crave/demand heavenly things, and this will be seen in the things we leave behind, the things we kill in our lives, and in the way that we act and live as a result, loving others in the way we give of ourselves; sacrificially and with an attitude of service.
It’s looking like a fairly good year for graceat6, it’s exciting, and I hope that many of the new people and visitors will stick around, and that I’ll be able to at least meet them. There’s a few changes in the way we are doing things, so hopefully they’ll work out, and the teething stage will be sorted out sooner than later. We’re also going through E100, so I’m hoping to get through that and blog some stuff up here on a more regular basis as well.
Post service, with a few chats and catch-ups, along with a bunch of administrative odds and ends, I made my way out to North Rocks to Nando’s for a quick bite with Matt, Sarah & Lairdy.

This week should flesh out some more meat on Crossway Anglican Churches so stay tuned for that. Also to note is that there should be a story up on www.sydneyanglicans.net tomorrow which will be worth reading, about some of our local staff. Finally we re-launch SALT on Friday night for 2012, which should be pretty super exciting as well!!!