Passage: Genesis 1:1 – 2:25

Starting the E100 challenge today landed me in the beginning of the bible, where we see God create the world, and everything in it, finishing with man and woman, before He rested on the seventh day. It is quite truly amazing to think about how this world came to be, that it was by the hand of God. There is such complexity to it all, yet some things seem so simple…

The reflection divides this section into two parts:

  • The big picture (1:1-2:3)
  • The human interest story (2:4-25)

The big picture is, as I said before, pretty incredible. Incredible to think about the design of this world from the microscopic to the macroscopic.

The human interest story is kind of a microscopic view of the personal interaction that God has with man in the scheme of things. It is personal. We see that God has given us, men and women, life, and standards, and we are to live up to those, and to nurture the personal relationship.

The application questions ask What evidence for the existence of God do you see in the world around you? When do you feel closest to God?
Well the first question, I’ve answered numerous times above…
I guess that I feel closest to God when I take the time to come into His presence by reading the Word and praying to Him, which is hard to do all the time, but something that I should do more… after all, He is my creator and purpose for life.