Passage: Genesis 3:1-24

Today’s passage is what’s commonly referred to as The Fall, which sees man and woman’s relationship with God change from being perfect to something less than. The created order of God -> Man -> Woman -> Beast is reversed and ultimately God is left out, which is what the world today and, for a great deal of the time, Christians tend to do as well.

This passage is an introduction of sin, where (wo)man’s desire is contrary to what God has planned. The pattern being that we think something is good, it is a delight to us, we desire it and so we take it for ourselves, without thought to how God fits into the picture.

We see the consequences of sin played out here as well, for the serpent, for woman, and for man. We see the breaking of relationship, the hardship of life, and we see death enter into the lives of man.

We also see that man is removed from the Garden of Eden, never to return again. One thing that came up from a graceat6 discussion we had over this passage was that there is a common view that we want to go back to the garden, it is sung in our songs, and we think of the garden as being perfect, and paradise. We may have an inflated view of the garden though; Sure the garden was a paradise, but to say that it is perfect takes out the fact that sin did enter there, so it is not an infallible place. Rather than looking back to the garden, and desiring to return there, we are to look forward to the new heaven and new earth, the heavenly kingdom where sin will not enter in as it has been defeated through the blood of Christ.



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