Passage: Genesis 11:1-9

A short reading today about the tower of Babel, and man’s quest to become famous.
This is the first sky-scraper, the first Burj Khalifa, and it’s using advanced technology and engineering, with the people employing bricks and tar over stone and mortar.

It’s a funny little passage, because God sees them working together, and you would take this as a good thing, but He comes down to scatter them and divide them into different languages as He knows that as a people united, they can do anything!!

I’ve normally thought of this passage as man wanting to usurp God, by building a tower to the heavens that they may take His place, and in the one sense, that is right, but in the other, it’s about the pride of the people. They want to become famous, to make a name for themselves.
Communication is a good thing, and we need to do it well, but we also need to be doing it under God and in humility.

That’s the first 5 for E100!! I’m due for a 2 day rest period before getting back into it. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading these summaries as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them, and that if you’ve not jumped on the E100 train yet, that you consider doing so.