So this week has also been hectic, with not a heap of respite over the weekend…

Monday evening, I caught up with Geoff for a good chat and some dinner up at Carlingford Court, followed by some beers back at The Flat.

Tuesday night was full of procrastination and a little bit of website coding.

Wednesday I went around to visit Nicky, who’s been recovering after surgery, dining with the Sutton Family and watching some Kings. It was good to see her, but a bit hard cause I was supposed to do all the talking, which I’m not particularly accustomed to…

Thursday night, amidst the pouring rain, I headed out to Potts Point to see an old DJ/Promoter friend of mine who was giving away a bunch of records for free. I haven’t been crate digging in ages, and it was good to do. I managed to pick up some nice house and disco tracks, and a few hip-hop gems by A Tribe called Quest, Grandmaster Flash and Sugarhill Gang. When I got home, I continued to do some coding for a few hours, but didn’t reach my finishing goal…

Friday was like Christmas for me, with plenty of deliveries coming; first with some monitors, then a pair of shoes, and then a whole bunch of T-Shirts and Hoodies, which I’d been waiting what seemed like an eternity for… I managed to unpack and tally everything up before the end of the day closed out, and had a great run on the touch field in a game of 4v4 on a wet and slippery ground, with plenty of good tries coming about. At SALT we finally released our re-branded logo(s) & colour schemes, that design project I’ve been referring to for the last few month… It’s a navy and light blue contrast design with the navy tees being worn by leaders, and the light blue tees being worn by the youth. The acceptance across the board was pretty good, and I’m excited that it’s finally happened, though the website still needs plenty of work…

First thing on Saturday morning I headed around to the Everett’s place for a new graceat6 worker men’s initiative: a breakfast & book club, featuring a book called Men of God – becoming the man God wants you to be. It was good to sit around and meet other working men from graceat6 and to discuss this book, and the bible with them in smallish groups consisting of older and younger men, as Titus teaches us to. After that, a few of us grabbed a coffee/beverage at Little Rock Cafe.
In the afternoon/evening, I headed out to Bronte to celebrate Jason Marriott’s birthday. It was a good time of catching up, meeting college people, eating and playing soccer. Having travelled all that way for a shortish engagement, I decided that to make it more worthwhile I should drop in at The Argyle for an edition of Takin’ It Back – The Classics as run by my mates from Random Soul Recordings. It was good to catch the boys, and catch up with Julie who is currently pregnant and due in about four months time. There were plenty of beloved tracks being played:

  • Tracey In My Room (Lazy Dog Bootleg Vocal) – EBTG vs Soul Vision
  • Forever – Sandy Rivera & John Alvarez Featuring Shawnee Taylor
  • Music Sounds Better With You – Stardust
  • Austin’s Groove – Kid Creme
  • Black Treble, White Bass – Sgt. Slick
  • Fly With Me – Coloursound
  • The Sound of Violence – Cassius
  • The Love I Have for You (Full Intention Mix) – Dina Vass

This morning, I was up bright an early to head along to 7:45am Church, mainly to hear Bruce preach on Ephesians 1:1-14 as part of a series of talks around Crossway and the theological grounding for the name of our churches. It was a pretty good sermon, albeit a tad hard to understand… It was also good to get into the prayer book, something I’ve not done since high school, which I took for granted back then. There really is a whole bunch of good liturgy in that tiny book, and it has sooo many prayers!!! We must have prayed about 10 times during that 1 hour service…
I was a bit sad to not have been able to meet up with Nic though…
Tonight at graceat6 we had the first of our talks based on the E100 bible challenge, coming from Genesis 1-3 in a 2 part talk by Mike. They were both really quite quick talks which introduced God, Ourselves & Jesus, and then went on to explain the great catastrophe of ruinous, repulsive rebellion. Mike read a great quote from Don Carson’s book The God Who Is There which says:

We gain a little insight into the terrible slippage going on in the woman’s mind if we conjure up what she should have said. Perhaps something like this: “Are you out of your skull? Look around! This is Eden; this is paradise! God knows exactly what he is doing. He made everything; he even made me. My husband loves me and I love him-and we are both intoxicated with the joy and holiness of our beloved Maker. My very being resonates with the desire to reflect something of his spectacular glory back to him. How could I possibly question his wisdom and love? He knows, in a way I never can, exactly what is best-and I trust him absolutely. And you want me to doubt him or question the purity of his motives and character? How idiotic is that? Besides, what possible good can come of a creature defying his Creator and Sovereign? Are you out of your skull?”

I guess the things that have stuck with me from the talk have been that the bible is the story of God and His saving work for man, and that we are in prison here on earth, so we need to be saved, rescued, freed and brought home to God, and we see that in Genesis 3.

I’m hoping for a more relaxed week this one coming, though I do doubt it with more Crossway stuff happening at work…. and a SALT website to continue coding… graceat6 Growth Groups start up this week, but I’m a little confused as to which one I’m going to. Tomorrow I’m working from home to convert email addresses from St Paul’s to Crossway, and watching the Superbowl, after picking up my folks from the Wharf at Barangaroo as they return from a New Zealand holiday…



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