Passage: Genesis 12:1-20

We are introduced to Abram in this passage who is one of the heroes of faith; God tells him to up and leave, and he does, not really knowing where he is heading. I found it really interesting that whenever Abram made it to a destination, he stopped, built an altar and worshipped the LORD. This really shows his dependence and gratefulness to God.

The second half of the passage tells us about Abram in Egypt during a famine. It’s a kind of odd passage where Abram deceives the Egyptians by telling them that Sarai, his wife, is his sister. The result is the King of Egypt marrying her, and God striking them with diseases, and the king kicking them out of Egypt.
I’m not sure why this is here… Perhaps it is to show the jealousy of God for His chosen people, or maybe it is to show that though Abram was faithful to God, he was still selfish and didn’t fully trust in God.