Yet another busy week, and one with plenty of struggles, and a few small victories, which was good (I’ll take whatever I can get…).

On Monday I worked from home. It was good and just happened to coincide with a number of events that made it especially possible:

  • The Moore College Priscilla & Aquilla Side by Side conference
  • I picked up my parents from Wharf No.5 as they came back from New Zealand
  • The Superbowl!!!
  • We changed over our email domain from to

So after an early rise and drive out to the city for an 8:15am pickup, I made my way back home via Pennant Hills and Carlingford Court to setup for watching Super Bowl XLVI with a couch in my room. Matt Armstrong joined me for an exciting game of NFL, though I was rooting for the New England Patriots. During the game I was migrating a whole bunch of emails from our old domain to our new one, and setting up auto-forwarders and auto-responders for all of our email accounts. A pretty tedious task, but something that I think is worthwhile. In the early evening I got my chef skills on and cooked up a nice big pot of bolognaise with a kilo of mince, a couple of bottles of sauce and plenty of added ingredients such as fresh & tinned tomatoes, sliced black olives, onions, mushrooms, dried and fresh herbs. I like to leave my bolognaise simmering on the stove for a while so that it reduces and the flavours have a good opportunity to saturate the whole mixture. This gave me less time to eat before heading off to first growth group of the year.
After a few shuffles I finally landed in the Carroll’s growth group. I’m looking forward to this year with the group, it has quite a varied makeup with younger and older members. So in our group are:
Brett Carroll, Victoria Carroll, Cath Knudson, Garth Knudson, Josh Lear, Jane Lear, Peter Davies, Emma Davies, Hollie Ah Cann, Josh Ralph, Nic Trevena, Sayaka Miyashita, and myself. Our introductory meeting went through our expectations for the group, for ourselves, and for our leaders, and we came up with a fairly good list for all three. We also discussed what we’d like to study for this year, narrowing down a list of gospel, Old Testament book, New Testament Epistle and something topical. Having worked out that we’d like to study Luke by way of elimination, we got to reading it and discussing it. We rounded out the evening with prayer.

Tuesday was a fairly busy day, as you can expect with a day out of the office for the majority of the staff… In the evening I did a mammoth dish wash and tidy before sitting down to some tv, which was mainly the pattern for the remainder of the week..

Friday touch was pretty good, though I didn’t score any tries this week, I managed a couple of breaks down the wing to setup some opportunities. SALT was a pretty good night as well. I was encouraged as I saw some of the youth wandering in with their new hoodies/tees. I reckon that when we get to big conferences with them on, it’ll look really good, and the contrast of leaders and youth colors will make for a good photo.

Yesterday I got a little sleep in before some scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast. In the afternoon I headed out to Annandale/Newtown for Geoff’s 30th and Tiff’s 25th, which was at Town Hall Hotel on King St, after their initial plans for a BBQ in the park were rained out… It was a nice afternoon/evening, especially as a lot of the old guard were around, people that were around at St Paul’s years ago…

This morning I was up bright and early for 7:45am Church again. Bruce preached through Acts 12, speaking about the growth of the gospel, how despite the opposition of Herod and others it continued to grow. We also saw the death of Herod as he is struck down whilst glorifying himself as a god. It’s quite interesting using the prayer book; we used to use it in school, so a fair amount of the bits have a familiar ring to them. It’s also good meeting the older Christians that go along to the service, and they’re happy and excited to see younger folk there.
I didn’t manage to get my 1-2-1 with Nic this morning, so instead I headed over to Carlingford Court for some breakfast. I’ve always thought it a good idea to eat at Nadia’s on the top level, so I ventured there today… I got table service fairly soon after sitting down and ordered scrambled eggs and bacon with thick cut toast and a latte. My coffee came fairly quickly, but my breakfast took a bit longer, and then some. At the time, they only had one waitress on tables, and so when the bell went for meal pick-up, it didn’t happen and I could just see my breakfast sitting atop the bench getting cold… It wasn’t until the next set of meals was ready that my meal was picked up and delivered. As I worked my way through, there were a couple of things to note; the toast was soggy, having been doused in butter, the eggs were very creamy; I’d have to say too creamy even…. and the bacon was thoroughly cooked on one side and underdone on the other with a distinct oil taste rather than that bacony goodness. The coffee wasn’t great either, but comparative to the rest of the meal, it was good.
For the remainder of the day I relaxed, listened to the latest Essential Mix by Arty and got ready for graceat6 with powerpoint slides; something I plan to pass on to the powerpoint operators later on this year.
Tonight at graceat6 Hamish spoke on Genesis 12. I think he did fairly well in preaching the passage, drawing on the themes of curse and blessing, and explaining how the fall and everything after it was bound in curse after curse, and contrasting that with God and His continued blessing of His people, calling men and women into a covenant relationship with Him.
Hamish encouraged us to bless Abram by imitating him, by being actively obedient, and trusting in God’s promises humbly. He also pointed out the strange ending to this chapter, where Abram sins. It shows that we men and women are sinful, that we don’t have a rightful or deserved place in these promises of God, but that He is faithful to His promises.
One thing that didn’t quite work well, I don’t think, was the link between this chapter of the bible and Jesus. It was a bit of an abrupt one; “this is Genesis. This is Jesus.” It’s not an easy thing to do, but what may have been better is addressing how JesusGod.
After graceat6 I headed around to EmJo’s place for her farewell as she travels over to Austria on exchange for 6 months. It was a nice shindig, with plenty of delicious foods to eat, and a great company of people. I had many and varied chats with a whole bunch of people, including EmJo’s Dad Chris; who works for NAB and knows some of the guys I used to work with, Steph Toose, and Angus Davis.

I’m not sure what this week brings for me, no doubt there be some more Crossway bits and pieces, but I’m hoping to get a whole bunch of design projects underway, or further to completion than they are now, as well as perhaps some musical achievements… My birthday also happens to fall due this week, so that should be a little exciting… Finally I want to keep a bit more on top of posting up my E100 summaries, which I’ve fallen a little behind on….