This week has seemed extremely long, I can hardly even remember Monday, but it’s been a bit of a drag of a week, and I’m not really in a good place at the moment; hoping to get over and out of this slump soon.

Monday night’s growth group was again interesting and confusing… I hadn’t been able to do much groundwork on chapters 12 & 13 of Zechariah. The study book that we are following was not of particular help, giving us the analogy of looking at sections of the chapter as d-day and v-day, and mashing everything together in as prophecy and New Testament fulfilment all in together.

Tuesday morning I had to go and get my car serviced up at Hornsby Honda. I spent the morning up there, mostly seated outside The Apple Store working away at bits and pieces, at least until the battery started to run low on my Macbook Air, signifying that it was time for a wander. When I had wandered enough, I came back to The Apple Store to utilise their computers for a little bit more work. My car was due to be done by midday, but at 12:15 I still hadn’t received a call and decided to stroll up to the service guys, getting a call on the way (taken through my Tenqa bluetooth headphones).

Thursday I had to squeeze most of my work into the morning, which wasn’t too bad as I seemed to get a whole heap done.. About midday, Gary and I headed off into the city for a Mission Minded committee meeting. On the way out, we stopped in at European Camera Specialists in Drummoyne to pick up my new lens: Nikkor 70-200/f2.8 AF-S ED VRII, one of the flagship models of the Nikon lens range. Once in the city, we had a wander around, grabbing some lunch and coffee before the meeting. The meeting was fairly productive, with a number of things being discussed. When we were done, we had another coffee with a few of the ministers that were there, before heading back out to Carlingford. I got a chance to take a few shots whilst we were in the car. These were 2 shots I liked, straight out of camera, taken whilst moving:

BMW X5 on Anzac Bridge

Cartel plated GTR in Traffic


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