This week has been a fairly relaxed week, being the last week of school and with people away.

On Monday after work, I ducked back to my parents house to do some washing, before we had our Growth Group social at SEAT in Pennant Hills. We had the banquet, and though it was a bit spicy, it was a nice dinner.

Tuesday, I took the day off, meaning to get a whole bunch of work done, but ending up just doing more washing at my folks place, and working on my secret video.

Wednesday back at work, there was plenty of people around, thanks to the teachers strike. I was called upon for many a task. We were treated to lunch; in the form of soup(s) and bread, brought in by many of the ladies, thanks to the final Connect for the term. I found it hard to fit in and chat, and so I ended up back in the office soon after eating. In the evening, after making some oven roasted nachos, I got some Diablo 3 and some video editing in.

Thursday was a bit of a stressful day. I had Friday off, and being my last working day before the end of the financial year, I wanted to close off any financial things, which meant a trip to the bank, amongst other things.
In the evening, I had to pick up my folks from the airport, as they came back from a trip over to Rome and other places around Europe. On the way, I stopped in at Chappo House to pick up Jase’s camera in preparation for Snixabel’s wedding. On turning up, I told the guy who opened the door why I was there, but he wanted to check with Jase and asked another guy to watch me whilst he went and got his phone. Once he had his phone, he asked me for Jase’s number, and then when he couldn’t reach him, asked me to Simon’s number, who verified who I was, and that I was ok to access Jase’s room, but still watching me whilst I was in there…
I got my parents from the airport, and it was good to see them, since they’d been away for 5 weeks… I drove them home, and then made my way back to the flat to finish my video editing.

Friday with my day off, I spent most of the morning playing Diablo 3, before doing some cleaning up in the afternoon. As I was getting ready to walk out the door, I forgot one vital thing: my keys… Having no luck with calls to my housemates or landlord, I ended up walking up to church, heavy laden with three bags: 2 camera bags, and touch footy gear, and managed to get into the office, thanks to Cherinne before playing touch and waiting for my parents to come with the spare car key for me. After they came and drove me to the car, I headed back to touch, before heading out to St Clemen’s Mosman for the wedding rehearsal, where I finally got to show Simon and Annabel the video I have been working on. It’s an ‘animated‘ version of some of the photos that Jase took when they got engaged.
Here it is

Yesterday was an epic and immensely enjoyable day. I started off around 6am, making my way to the Nixey house in West Pennant Hills via Beecroft to pick up Jase and Nath. Once there, I got some breakfast before starting to film and photograph the guys in their preparations for the day; getting dressed, learning to knot a tie, putting ribbon on the car, before heading out to Mosman. The ceremony was very enjoyable, with the processional being sung by the congregation.

Simon & Annabel Nixey First Wedding Kiss

I got plenty of videoing bits and pieces in, being the official videographer for the day. After the ceremony, I went with the bridal party over to Athol Hall down by the water for their photo shoot, down on a small beach. The reception was very nicely intimate, with about 80 people. The speeches were enjoyable, and emotional.
When I got back home, I got to relax for a fair while, before heading up to Carlingford Village with Lairdy and Nat for dinner, before heading back to Tour de Flat for the prologue.

This morning, after about 7 hours sleep, I got some Diablo 3 in. I wasn’t able to meet up with Nic as he was out at some medieval event. Tonight at graceat6, we heard Tony Payne speak from 2 Corinthians 4:1-6 on A World With Two Lords. It was a really enjoyable talk, encouraging the saints in their times of discouragement, letting us know that it is something to be expected, and so rather than being discouraged, we are to keep striving on, as Paul does, not distorting the truth of the gospel, but telling it plainly as it is. The difficult part of the talk was thinking through who, and how, people are caught up in this ‘veil‘ in verse 3. It is both straightforward (because God has allowed them to be), and hard to understand (why they are caught up, and not able to see). I was certainly very encouraged by the sermon, especially since I have been facing a fair amount of discouragement lately.
After church, some of us headed around to the Koo’s place for some dinner, thanks to Lauren and her over-catering for SALT socials, before heading back to The Flat for stage 1 of Le Tour. There was a good crowd around with Sam, Anna, Axel, Neil, Chris, Nic, Susannah & Lauren. It was an interesting leg through Belgium with a few crashes and spills, and a nice sprinting finish at the end, won by Sagan, who gave an unusual winners gesture… We were also treated to an awkward kiss moment on the podium.