I’m not sure why but my weeks are almost always full of highs and lows, but I’m getting quite frustrated with it… I would be really happy with just an average week…

On Monday evening I headed out to the movies to see The Amazing Spider-Man at Macquarie Centre in 3D by my self. I enjoyed the film, it was a good retelling of the original story, with some slight discrepancies. This story spoke a bit more about Peter‘s parents and their giving up of him into the care of his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, as well as his time at high school with Gwen Stacy and Flash Thompson. The villian of the film is Dr Curt Conners AKA The Lizard who is done quite well in the special effects department. I really liked the choreography of the fight scenes. The complexity of the movements, using the surroundings and also involving the camera were just fantastic. I find it hard to comprehend how they came up with them. The cast of the film is pretty high profile with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors, Denis Leary as Captain Stacy, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, and Sally Field as Aunt May.
I really liked Emma Stone in the film; she really caught the eye, and I found that this was really well done; capturing the feelings that Spider-Man/Peter Parker had for her in the long lingering looks and the coy glances in the hallways. I did notice (and this is a small gripe) that despite her changing outfits throughout the film, her boots featured in most scenes, without change…
Something else to look out for, is the cameo of Stan Lee, which is the best one I’ve seen yet. (For those who don’t know, he has cameos in all films where he created the character.

Wednesday arvo I was able to leave a little early given a quiet week because of holidays. I got out to see another movie: TED with Geoff at Macquarie Centre. It was an absolutely hilarious film, not particularly appropriate, in fact downright wrong at some points, but funny nonetheless. After grabbing some food and having a chat, we came back to The Flat to play some Diablo 3; pushing through Act IV in Nightmare before knocking off at 10pm in time to watch the Tour.

On Thursday night we held a Tour de Flat Party Night. I got away from work a little early to hit the shops to grab ingredients for the dinner and dessert that I cooked. I only had one taker for dinner in Ben Davis which was both good and bad; good in the sense that I got to spend some time with him and it made cooking easier, but bad in that there was less chance for fellowship with the greater community. Ben generously donated some beers and ciders, which were tasty. I cooked a couple of dishes featured on Taste le Tour: Poulet Cocette Grandmere for dinner and Gratin a la rhubarbe et aux framboises for dessert. Both were extremely tasty and very much worth a second cooking at some point. The tour party was alright, we had a number of people about, maybe 8 or 9 around, but I found it difficult to socialise…

Poulet Cocette Grandmere

Gratin a la rhubarbe et aux framboises

Friday felt a bit unusual, almost like it wasn’t the end of the week… Touch was a bit more exciting this week, with more players on the field; almost 10 a side. I don’t think I managed to get a try in, the closest being putting the ball down as I got touched. I did manage to take on Adrian as he charged down the field after a kick-off; I think he won as he fell over the top of me… When I got home, I decided to give myself a haircut, so I got the clippers out and hacked away. I think I’m getting better at cutting my own hair, though I’m always weary of the back since it’s the hardest point to see..

Saturday morning was a struggle to get up, being a late night with the tour (2:30am) and feeling a bit more sore from touch. When I was able to get up, I got out to Hornsby via Pennant Hills to pick up my dad on the way through for brunch with Anna and Arthur. We ended up at Olive Bar & Grill. The service wasn’t great… they didn’t actually ask how we wanted our eggs cooked, which I think should be a pretty standard question for all day breakfast cafes. Whilst we waited, we ‘enjoyed’ a comedy of errors as they brought out coffees that we hadn’t ordered, and then meals that we hadn’t ordered, which they finally worked out were for another table… When we did finally get our meals, we battled through the large servings, which were quite tasty. I had a 3 egg omelette with smoked salmon and avocado, which was actually a bit salty. On my way back home I picked up a coffee from Red Heart Cafe and then proceeded to do a bit of work at home before Jason dropped around to pick up some gear and let me use his CF Card reader to capture some video off his camera. It was good to see him and chat for a bit. In the evening I headed out to York St Anglican with Nat for a gig called Sound/Light/Stone run by The Gate featuring Seaworthy + Charge Group, Tash Parker, Jordan Ireland (of The Middle East) and Single Twin. It was quite an interesting gig, with everyone sitting down in the pews… The atmosphere of the place was pretty amazing with the lights offsetting the stone, combined with the audio made for quite a special gig. I got around taking plenty of shots, which I think look pretty good, though I’ve not had an opportunity to take a look at and edit them yet.

Sunday morning after another slow wake up I got changed into some new clothes that my folks brought back from Italy for me and proceeded out to Baulkham Hills for Imogen’s 21st; a brunch at Thompson Hall. The place looked very nice, decorated by Imogen, complete with a photo booth, barista & coffee machine, lolly bar, crepe station good spread of sweet & savoury foods, and a great selection of beverages; both alcoholic and non. I got to chat to a number of people before I’d expended my conversational energy and fell into my photographer state, hiding behind my camera and trying to capture some precious moments. After leaving the party I dropped into the North Rocks Computer Markets to pick up something for Jase along with a new hard drive for my computer, which I installed when I got home before preparing for graceat6.

James Warren gave the talk tonight from Revelation 4 & 5, which paints a vivid image of heaven. It shows us how Jesus is both the lion who reigns on the throne and the lamb who was slaughtered for the sake of our sins. There is also a great image of the trinity contained within. He encouraged us that we must remember the reality of these things; remembering that Jesus is victorious and Lord of All, and that the power that we have as Christians comes from the cross, the slaughtering of the lamb, so we are to carry our cross daily, putting to death the things which aren’t Godly.
After graceat6 I got along to the new-comers supper for those who have joined or are investigating joining graceat6 in the last year at the Everett’s place. There was soup and rolls on offer, as cooked by Katrina as well as meeting some 15+ new-comers. I liked the intimate nature of the gathering, with everyone open to talking to people, since they didn’t really know each other. It was also good to finally meet some of the names that I’d seen for so long.

This week looks pretty busy, with plenty of meetings. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to cope with them as well as the tour. For the prayers, please pray that I’ll be hospitable, gracious and patient with people, especially as they come around for the tour as this has been something I’m really struggling with.