This week has been an enjoyable one, a lot quieter than expected, and therefore a bit more restful.

Monday was a nicely productive day; something that normally happens when the ministers and ministry trainees are away… In the evening Growth Group was called off due to sickness and a few other factors, so I decided to head out to the movies instead. I got along to see The Dark Knight Rises. I really enjoyed the film, especially the witty banter between Batman and Catwoman. It was a good ending to the trilogy, but it does give option for more film(s)

Tuesday evening was spent driving out to Camperdown to pick up a new toy I bought on Ebay, and then fiddling around to get it working on my computer, which I haven’t quite managed to do so yet… I think that if/when I do get it going I’ll let you know some more…

Wednesday I managed to go out and grab Transformers: The War for Cybertron on Xbox 360, which I spent some time playing in the evening before doing a quick cook of some carbonara before banishing myself to my room during growth group. I watched a couple of films whilst eating dinner and playing some iPad games…

Thursday night Geoff came around. We played some Diablo 3 with the new 1.04 patch, before they took it down for server maintenance, ate some dinner and chatted.

Friday was a long and semi-quiet day… I managed to get plenty of work done, and then even start a new project in an interim website for sermons… Touch was pretty popular with 10 a side. I found that it was a tougher game than I’ve played recently…

I spent most of yesterday lazing about, not really doing too much, but resting; watching some tv, playing some games, watching the AFL… In the evening I got along to the CROSSWAY Jazz Night, featuring the Con Campbell Quartet and the CROSSWAY Big Band to do the sound, and take some photos…After the Jazz Night, I ventured out into the city to Chinese Laundry for another of my DJ heroes Jody Wisternoff; one half of the legendary Way Out West. Whilst I was in the club, I had a couple of conversations with strangers. They weren’t particularly successful ones, and I came away wishing that I had done better; been able to direct them more towards the gospel… The set that Jody played was an enjoyable journey, traversing a range of progressive house sub-genres, from uplifting melodic tracks, to darker stormers, spattered with a bunch of broken beat tracks, including a nice remix of one of his latest tracks How You Make Me Smile. One of the highlight moments for me was when he dropped Azzido Da BassDoom’s Night and followed that up with Felix Da HousecatSilver Screen, Shower Scene (Jacques Lu Cont Mix). My night finished up there around 4am, sadly without having met many people, and without an encore track.

This morning Nic read through Romans 4; we found it hard to talk about it, it seemed to be a bit simplistic; perhaps too simple, or straightforward…
Tonight at graceat6 Gary continued our journey with 1 Kings 18, which outlines the classic story of Elijah vs the prophets of baal and the burning of sacrifices on the alter. Two challenging things that I found in the talk were

  1. Thinking that I have done enough in my service of the Lord
  2. Like Obidiah, I think that I’ve done so much already, think that someone else should be doing things rather than me. Gary reminded and rebuked us that we need to remain faithful, trusting in the Lord and continuing to serve, as Obidiah does.

  3. The power of prayer lies with God
  4. We are tempted to focus on the wrong thing in prayer; thinking that certain things we do make our prayers any more effective. Elijah shows us in his prayer that he knows God, and the power of the prayer lies in who he has faith in.

This week is looking a bit busier, at least in my social interactions, and I’m looking forward to that.