Wow, what a week!!! An absolute rollercoaster, and I’m not really sure where my head and my heart are at…

Monday began our newly structured Many Meeting Monday… I was only in 2, but I think there’s guys on staff that may be in 4 or 5…. I guess it gets them out of the way though and gives some direction to the week ahead…
We have a new look Monday Staff Meeting which comes in with the rectorship of Gary. It’s a time of training, theological thinking, prayer and relationship amongst our large staff team. We started looking at Mission Minded which is a resource used by many in bringing people from strangers through to believers through to mature and godly Christians. We also looked at a curly moral question regarding divorce and remarriage, and then met our newest member on staff Andrew Robson.

Monday night means growth group for me for another year. Again I am in with the Carrolls as wise and godly leaders. Half of the group is the same, with some new young blood joining us. We had quite the action packed night with get to know you games, expectations polling, and a good look at Titus 2.

Wednesday I picked up 2 albums: Random Soul‘s Live For the Moment and Renaissance: The Masters Series 18 mixed by Nick Warren; Expect reviews soon. The afternoon got me out and about to Moore Theological College for a Mission Minded meeting. I got to run into a few guys and gals that have done MTS with us before moving on to college studies, which was good. In the evening I had dinner with my folks and my Auntie Jo who had come down from Gosford for a few days. We headed out to Chiu Chow Garden in Thornleigh for a very tasty meal.

Thursday was my 33rd birthday. It was a nice day, and work was pretty easy going. In the evening we headed out for dinner again, this time at Lee Central Park in Thornleigh, and with the addition of my Auntie Christina, Sister and Brother in Law, and a couple of family friends. The food (and service) was only really average, perhaps one of the curses of dining on valentines day…. My sister did make a tasty Peach and Lemon Tea Cake to top the night off though.

Friday was rough. I was made aware of some things about my behavior and attitude towards others that I didn’t realise, and of peoples disposition to me, which I also hadn’t realised. I’d like to chalk a lot of them down to that being just my sinful nature, but that’s a bit of a cop out, as much as it is true… Pray that having been made aware of these things that I will make more of a conscious effort to correct them, being loving, humble and gracious towards people, but also pray that people wouldn’t take advantage of me, and that they’d treat me well and not take me for granted as well. Touch was alright; we had a fairly decent turnout, though the side I was on kept the ball in the middle and amongst 2-3 players only. I managed to put down 1 try, off of a kick on the 5th, which was good and fun.

Yesterday morning I was back at church (for probably the 12th day in a row..) for a meeting of the key leaders for DIG which takes place on the first weekend of the school holidays. There were reps there from about 8 different churches, which was good. We just ran through bits and pieces of the conference, and sought involvement from people before some prayer, networking and lunch. Pray that this conference comes together, that our committee would continue to work well together, communicate clearly, and keep God and His people as the focus of this conference.

Tonight at graceat6 Tony Payne spoke from Genesis 3 and Ecclesiastes 3 on The Clay Fights Back. It was a hard sermon to hear, because it was all about man’s rejection of God; of our rejection of our creator, and of how we misuse and abuse the good things that God has created because we lack the vision of His purpose for them. Tony has promised that the following sermons in the series aren’t as bleak as this one was, so that should be good.