ZEN Garage has quite the reputation amongst the JDM Car loving community & beyond, but sadly their lease has run out and they’ll be closing their physical doors at the end of this month, but keeping their online presences alive. I managed to make my way out there on Sunday for the Zen Garage Photowalk out to the Rozelle Tram Shed via the streets of Leichardt.

2014-08-17 - ZEN Garage Photo Walk-013

In the days leading up to the photowalk, the rains prevailed, and there was constant talk of heavy rain, thunder and lightning scheduled for Sunday. Some were even calling it Thundergeddon. On Saturday I dashed about the City to numerous photo shops to find myself a camera cover to shield my baby from the elements, but to no avail; luckily the rain held off on Sunday, leading to some nice weather and nice shots.

2014-08-17 - ZEN Garage Photo Walk-020

The Facebook event slated just over one hundred eager photographers keen to turn up, but the combination of questionable weather, Sunday & Facebook RSVPs culled the number down to just 15. This gave us a nice fairly manageable group, and meant that it was a little easier to meet people. There were a good range of shooters there as well, from iPhotographers, to amateurs & hobbyists to prosumers & Pros.

2014-08-17 - ZEN Garage Photo Walk-012

I think my favourite shots came in the form of trees… One in the form of this giant Fig Tree; the centrepiece of War Memorial Park.

2014-08-17 - ZEN Garage Photo Walk-010

And the other two as these battered & twisted trees along Whites Creek. I think that they kind of remind me of how I see my Christian walk in that even though they are battered and twisted and wrinkled, they are grounded and continue to flourish, having set down firm roots, it is evident that they have faced many a trial.

2014-08-17 - ZEN Garage Photo Walk-025

2014-08-17 - ZEN Garage Photo Walk-026

Once we finally made it down to the Rozelle Tram Shed, we were confronted by gates, lots of gates. Padlocked, and bolted closed. We searched high and low for an easy way in, but found nothing…. Half of the group decided to climb the fence for the sake of getting good photos. I would have loved to have gone in, but given my recent knee surgery I wasn’t able to.

As the remnant who didn’t venture in waited outside the gates, a security guard rocked up in his Honda Integra; a little JDM style and a licence-plate FTW***. We thought It should be ok, he should know about ZEN Garage, but we were wrong… A number of other security guards started to turn up, and we sheepishly started to wander away, just as a couple of police cars turned up… We didn’t have any contact numbers to send warnings either, so unfortunately there was little we could do…
As we wandered back to ZEN Garage, we got the good news that they’d only gotten a warning. They also captured a bunch of great looking shots, which will be featured on ZEN Garage in the near future.

This shot was the closest that I was able to capture.

2014-08-17 - ZEN Garage Photo Walk-036

If you want to see my full set from the photowalk, they’re on 300C-PO or on my Flickr.