Today was the 2nd day of Semi-Permanent.

We heard from Patrick Clair, Anna-Wili Highfield, Dion Lee, Haydenshapes Panel with Hayden Cox, Jason Woodside, & pro-surfer Craig Anderson, Award Panel talking about The Future of Commercial Creativity with Warren Brown, Jason Little, Rebecca Carrasco, Ashadi Hopper, Linda Jukic, & Justin Drape, Askew One, Sylvé Colless, Sebastian Moody, & Elliott Routledge AKA Numskull, Ben Parker from Made Thought, and finally Noah Taylor, who I got to meet briefly in the VIP area!!! Pretty sure I also saw Delta Goodrem floating around for one of the talks…

The 2 talks that I enjoyed the most were:

Askew One
I was really looking forward to seeing Askew One present, and he didn’t let me down. What I really loved about the work that he showed is how he has taken it from being “just graff” to something that is something that is really nicely artistic.

This is the image that was first spoken to in the presentation, with a great story to accompany it. Look out for the video of the presentation soon!

Patrick Clair Patrick won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title on HBO’s True Detective. He walked us through his journey over the last 10 or so years, where he was a Semi-Permanent attendee, to working on HungryBeast to creating his own studio Antibody before moving over to L.A.. It was really great to see the evolution of his work.

For anyone that is a fan of Radiohead, I’d recommend that you get along to Carriageworks before the 6th of June to check out Stanley Donwood: The Panic Office. Stanley and Radiohead have had a strong collaborative relationship over the years, and this exhibition is no different, with the soundtrack being provided by Thom Yorke

It’s been a great 13 years of Semi-Permanent and a change is in the air, as they look at re-branding/designing the event to get more involvement from the attendees. I’ve been able to meet some great people over the years, and discover some amazing artists who have inspired and wowed me, and I hope that it continues for years to come.