I got along to the Streets Ahead Exhibition at aMBUSH Gallery in their new diggs on level 3 of Central Park (28 Broadway, Chippendale, NSW).

My main draw was to see the amazing pieces by 123KLAN, AKA Scien and Klor whom I’ve admired ever since seeing them speak at Semi-Permanent back in 2003.

Other artists featured in this exhibit are: Tony Arcabascio, jeffstaple, МИШКА, L’Amour Supreme and Anthony Lister.

So here are a few snaps of the 123KLAN pieces that I grabbed. First two were painted on the wall:

This one is a nice summary of them as Intergalactik Protagonists

This one isn’t one of my photos, but it’s the main image of their work and how it’s “supposed” to look

But as it turned out, the 3 panels didn’t line up:

And this final image was the best capture I could get of these, but there’s 5 or so images stuck up on the window of the gallery, which are only added to by the scenery.

Central Park are doing a VIVID thing as well outside this window, so it’d be cool to come back at night and grab a shot of these, with the lights behind it.

Streets Ahead Exhibition runs until the 8th June 2015, daily from Midday to 8:00pm. It’s a quick stroll from Central Station or Broadway Shooping Centre which also has 2 hours of free parking.