Semi Permanent 2016 was a great festival this year. The (now) festival continues to morph into something which co-founder and owner Murray Bell has always wanted to bring to the design community. The three day event took place out at Carriageworks, offering delegates design talks, panels, workshops, installations, galleries and networking. 

3 Days of all this content, it’s hard to capture it, let alone analyse and work through it, so here are a bunch of images of presenters, and a few tweets capturing some of those semi-permanent pearls of wisdom. If you want to see more stuff, head to, or check out the Twitter Hashtag #SPsyd16.
Cover image by Toby Peet.

Day 1

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-001

Murray Bell opens the festival

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-002

Future State panel with Hector, Jurgen and Ethan, moderated by Kate Shaw of Airbnb

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-003

Hector Ouilhet, Head of Design at Google Search

People change as a consequence of their experience

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-004

Jurgen Spangl, Head of Design at Atlassian

The reality is that we have to fail to succeed

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-005

Ethan Eismann, Director of Product Design at Uber

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-006

James Brown (VIII), Founder of MASH

Adults are obsolete children

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-007

Jacqueline Bourke, Senior Creative Insights Manager at Getty Images

Powerful visuals evoke emotions to drive engagement

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-008

Jess Scully, Curator, Festival Director and Media Producer

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-009

Our lovely host: Alyx Gorman, Editor of Time Out Sydney, and Fashion Editor of the Saturday Paper

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-010

Al Crawford, Executive Planning Director at Clemenger BBDO moderates “The Future of Entertainment and what it means to brands” Panel

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-011

Lee Hunter, Head of Marketing Innovation at Google, Nick Boshier & Christian Van Vuuren, Actors, Writers & Producers (& Omo Enthusiasts)

2016-05-26 - Semi Permanent (Day 1)-012

Kevin Jenkins, Supervising Art Director at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM)

2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-001

Resident Photographer Toby Peet.  Check out his site for more


2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-002

Murray Bell opens the morning

2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-003

Jim Bull, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer of Moving Brands

2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-004

Jim asks Alyx to call him “Daddy”

2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-005

Dav Rauch, Futurist at IDEO moderates the second Future State panel

2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-006

Dantley, Jon and Jon, our Future State panelists

2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-007

Jon Lax, Director of Product Design at Facebook (and long time Canadian)

2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-008

Jon Wiley, Director of Immersive Design, at Google

2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-009

Dantley Davis, Design Director, at Netflix

Cultivate a culture of empathy

2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-010

Michael Lugmayr, Founder & Director at Design by Toko

You put something in the right context, it just makes sense

2016-05-27 - Semi Permanent (Day 2)-011

Andy Bateman, Founder & CEO at Everyone, and Vince Frost, Founder & Executive Collective Creative Director at Frost*

The uncomfortable truth is… that in order to make it, you have to break it

Day 3

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-001
Murray Bell opens the final morning

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-002

Jessica Hische, Freelance Illustrator

You have to love the day to day, not just the end result

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-003

Our host for day 3 was Steph Harmon, Culture Editor at The Guardian Australia

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-004

Ben Shapiro, Producer, Director & Cinematographer hosts an intimate chat with

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-005

Gregory Crewdson, Photographer & Filmmaker

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-006

Gary Baseman, Artist

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-007

With his “Wildgirl” Joanne

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-008

And Toby; Keeper of Secrets

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-009

Mitchell Oakley Smith, Writer, Author & Editor

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-010

The men behind P Johnson Tailors Suitshop

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-011

Patrick Johnson, Co-Founder & Tailor at P Johnson

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-012

Tom Riley, Co-Founder & Tailor at P Johnson

2016-05-28 - Semi Permanent (Day 3)-013

Filipe Caravalho, Fim & TV Designer & Director

Go for it, cause the worst that can happen is…. Nothing happens…