This morning I was collected in style by Ehs & Christine in their (her) new pocket rocket AMG A45 as we headed off to the Mazda Mayhem Enterprises Elite Rotary Cruise starting at Amoretti‘s in Abbotsbury and heading down to Kiama Lighthouse.

I was hoping that Ehs would bring out his Red Rocket AKA RROTOR; a 13b swapped E30, to fit in more with the rotary theme, but with the threat of rain, and the pocket rocket needing 1000kms to rack up for run in, we had to settle for the luxury tech.

Upon reaching Amoretti‘s, we were greeted by a handful of Mazdas, mainly RX3s, and RX7 FDs, chugging away and smelling of sweet sweet E85. After grabbing a quick coffee, it was off to take some photos of these beasts, before we departed on the cruise, where I was able to grab a few more shots of these guys rolling down the streets. If you want to check out more photos, there’s an album here.



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