Well 2016 has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me, so here is my 2016 – The year that was….


I started the year unemployed, and doing some distance education with TRACTOR. One afternoon when out at Sydney Motorsport Park for a skidpan event with the Sydney Datsun Club I ran into a guy from Christian Autosports Club of Australia who happened to be looking for an admin person, and so within the week I was working for him. The job was managing the office of a building franchise that does pergolas, carports and sunrooms. By May the company had some difficulties, and I was out of a job, and owed some pay because the company actually went into administration.

After another couple of months and a whole bunch of job applications later, I found myself interviewing for a call centre job at Westpac, which I thought I’d be easily successful at given my experiences back in the day at NAB‘s call centre, but alas no. A week and a half later and I started working in my current job at a small vendor for Bloomberg, doing deliveries and helping with a lot of their supply chain logistics.


I keep on meeting more and more people. I think this is a good thing, but the problem is that these friendships seldom last.

The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

Lao TzuTe Tao Ching
This was certainly an apt description for one of my friendships; we got along like a house on fire, and in the end I got burnt. Feels like deja vu with many of my past friendships, and a reminder of earlier life lessons which may have been neglected.

I think the “surprise” disruption in friendships for me would have to be Christian ones, specifically with those I’d been at church with for about 13 years… Granted, I stopped going in about December last year, and had 1 or 2 messages, but apart from that and a catch up with 1 guy, there has been pretty much no interaction.


Some ups and downs with the family this year. My dad had some medical complications with an operation, which landed him in a couple of hospitals, including RPA’s ICU, for a few months. Around the same time, my sister & brother-in-law had their first child Lucas. He’s just past 4 months old now, and very cute.


This year KROSSWERDZ celebrated 10 years in May!! Across this year I have been mainly doing photos, along with miscellaneous AV things as well.
UPROCK; held in November, was up in Brisbane this year, and was a great chance to get away with the headz, catch up with others, and meet some more guys and girls.
We also got to host 2 Bboy Jams: Battle Of The Year & UPROCK Park Jam X R16 Oceania.


By far 300C-PO has taken up most of my time and effort in 2016. I think that almost every single weekend I was out shooting something or other, if not multiple things. I got along to shoot Nulon Nationals Round 01 with Tuned which led to being invited to head to Bathurst for Round 02, and then invited on to do photos at Round 03 & 04. Other regular events that I’ve been shooting have been the Hi-Tec Drift Allstar Series, Twilight Rallysprint and EOMM.

Recently I’ve been able to get a foot into the Porsche community, which has been a pleasure. I managed to get a media pass for the Rennsport festival in April, and shoot the Magnus Urban Outlaw gathering under the Harbour Bridge the week after, and more recently 2 Porsche & Coffee events at Palm Beach as well as shoot a cruise to The Hunter Valley with Autohaus Hamilton and 60 of their customer cars & friends.

The hard work and time investment is starting to pay off, but the “competition” is growing, with so many more photographers out there, offering cheaper (often free) images and shoots. I managed to add a couple of pieces of equipment into my stable – a Westcott Icelight 2 and a Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 lens.


I’m not sure what 2017 has in store. I envision that it will be much the same; not sure I can see much different happening. I’m hope to get some work done on Moro The Stagea, and do some travelling for 300C-PO as well as expand the range of subjects that I shoot.