Today I received a parcel in the mail. One that has been a long time coming: The First Edition of Bibliotheca

Way back in June 2014, a guy called Adam Greene launched a Kickstarter project known as Bibliotheca. The scope of the project was to bring the experience of the Bible back to one of pure literary art – written or oral, as the ancient audiences were privileged to have, by separating it into several volumes and applying classic & elegant typography.
Bibliotheca was successfully funded by 14,884 backers, and raised USD$1,440,345, which was USD$1,403,345 over the initial target of USD$37,000. (Talk about blowing it out of the water!!)

It has been a long, long, long wait for these volumes, but I’m glad to finally see the finished product in my hands. I’m looking forward to diving in and having a good read; especially delving into the Apocrypha, which I’ve never really investigated before.


Here’s a bunch of unboxing images.