Well, here’s another attempt to revive CHONGLAND again.

I used to write here a fair bit with the old Sunday Summary.  Then after a bit of feedback/criticism/upsetting some people I backed off, and off, and off….

I’ve been doing less writing, and all my reflecting has been in my head.  From time to time I’ve sat down and read some things that I’ve written here, and it’s been a good reminder of where I was at, and how I’ve grown or changed.  About 10 years ago I envisioned this ‘place’ as a playground of sorts:

CHONGLAND is a place where I can interact with the world sharing thoughts, frustrations, joys, creations and numerous other things. It’s kind of a playground for me, a source of procrastination and an outlet to vent.

CHONG (2006-12-28)

So here’s to the next phase; one which I’m exploring as “The Art of Loneliness“.
More often than not, I feel alone.  It’s not a nice feeling, but it’s one I cope with.  It’s been evident in my past, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get over/around it, so why not explore it?

Of course I won’t solely write on the subject, but (try to) share some of my exploits, interests etc etc.