It’s Friday morning, AEDT 04:00 and my alarm sounds to the daunting tune of Pharoahe Monch’s Simon Says (Instrumental)…. 
It’s the 8th of December here in CHONGLAND, but in the U S of A, it is still the 7th; PST 09:00 to be precise, and it’s launch time for the Nindies game Floor Kids from the talented folk at MERJ Media.

After a quick download (Thanks NBN!!) my bleary eyes soon adjust to the Nintendo Switch screen, and I’m greeted by the delightful drawings of JonJon, as they move to the rhythms of Kid Koala, who has written a customised soundtrack specifically for the game.

After choosing a dancer and a quick introduction to the game mechanics, it’s full battle mode of finger tapping fun in the quest to go all city and unlock dancers, locations and tracks.

I was really impressed with how much of the breakin’ encyclopaedia is covered across the dancers, with toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes spread out across different combinations and variations of key presses and joystick twirling.

The scoring system is quite a complex beast as well, with scores being calculated across variation, timing, crowd response amongst other factors.

Each battle itself has a different soundtrack, but is made up of 2 dancing rounds, and 2 breakdown sections, which play more like DJ Hero, Guitar Hero, or Dance Dance Revolution where buttons need to be pressed according to certain rhythms on the beat.

On first impression, the game appeared to be pretty short, with character & location unlocks coming pretty easily, but as I journey deeper into the game, it is becoming harder and harder to five star the latter tracks. It is only early days for the game, but I’m interested to know whether expansion or DLCs are on the cards.

On a side note, I had visions of making a similar game back in 2002/03 during my time at tafe when we were tasked with developing a flash game, but I couldn’t quite work out the mechanics of it all, so really glad that someone has done it, and done it so well!!