Another year gone and another summary post. See you 2017…


Working at Bloomberg has had it’s ups and downs. The honeymoon is certainly over…
In the year and four months that I’ve been in my job, I’ve had 4 different colleagues in the same position… It’s been a bit of a stressful time as each of the guys leaving have been a bit problematic in their departures.
Alongside that, despite my best efforts and focus on customer service, I’ve also had a couple of misdemeanours with internal staff, which have made me step back, or be more cautious in my day-to-day.
The work itself is pretty easy, so I find that it’s not really challenging. I am considering a shift to something that pays better and is more challenging on the day-to-day.


This is an area of life I find that I’m struggling in more and more.
I’m sure there’s plenty of contributing factors (and I plan on exploring those in some further posts at some stage).
I guess that when you’re spread wide, it’s difficult to cast deep as well.


Nothing as dramatic as 2016 with the olde family. Lucas is on the verge of walking and is able to mumble a few words here and there. His most utilised word is “more“.


KW Fam continues along, with fresh blood stepping up and freeing up some others. I’ve been on and off this year, having more photographic commitments that have hindered my attendance.
I got a bit more involved with UPROCK this year, building a website and helping with regos, alongside doing photos and other AV things. One of the most encouraging things this year was the number of internationals that we had; most of whom paid their own way to come.


Another huge year for 300C-PO. I travelled to Albany, WA for Racewars, Melbourne for the RWB Film premiere (made by mates Chern & Bao, whom I met at Rennsport in 2016), with a quick trip to the F1, Bathurst for round 2 of Nulon Nationals, and Winton raceway for round 3 of Hi-Tec Drift Allstars series.

I started officially writing pieces for ZEN Garage with various pieces, and more incoming, including more World Time Attack Challenge coverage and a retrospective on the defunct EOMM.

I made the massive investment into a new camera, picking up a Nikon D850, their flagship model.


Well 2017 seemed pretty turbulent, even though much stayed the same. I managed to get some travel in for 300C-PO, and a small expansion in subjects. Moro The Stagea has had almost no work done, apart from the windows being tinted.

What’s in store for 2018??
No doubt more shooting, hopefully with some models and more travelling to shoot.
More involvement with UPROCK as it grows by God’s grace.