Claptone‘s No Eyes is a really mesmerizing tunes, but when you actually listen to the lyrics, they’re really sad.

With the upcoming Party Season, I got hyped up for Tell No Tales when they posted a short clip of a huge buildup & drop from Laurent Garnier. Upon further investigation (HT Raynor) I went and listened to the entire 55 minute glorious set from the man with the red face in the Boiler Room at Dekmantel 2013, with Kyodai’s beautiful treatment of No Eyes.

It’s a lonely night. Everybody’s happy
Been turning around. Looking for a friendly light
But I see nothing.
No eyes
No eyes, no eyes on me no eyes on me

These words, these haunting words almost describe every one of my trips out clubs and festivals, but with a paradoxical twist.
More often than not I head out to events by myself; hence the lonely night.
People are with their friends, and drinking or on drugs.
I’m there to dance, to enjoy the music, and seek out the same kind of people; a friendly light.

And, with the exception of a few, I definitely see nothing, sadly.

But here’s the paradox, or the irony….

Because of the way I dance, there are definitely eyes on me. Eyes & (phone) cameras…. (and heroes who think they can dance with me, or girls who want the attention for a few seconds)

Can you see me lying?
Can you see why I contained?
Can you feel me thinking?
Would you save me if I fail?
I would love to love you
I would love to be your man
But the loneliness, please leave me

And these are the questions and train of thought that run through my head too…

So this year I am thinking of making a way for introverted old me to connect with some of these eyes. Stay tuned for more!!