Back in early November 2017 the guys from RWB Australia dropped The Stella Collection. Today I received my first piece in the mail, along with some other RWB goodies…

The Stella Collection is a limited edition, seasonal collaboration between RWB Japan and DEEP Lifestyle Los Angeles. The collab is a tribute to the original Stella! before her “zweite entwicklung” and unveil at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon.

I finally bit the bullet and grabbed Chern‘s book as well: RWB Volume 1 – Life After Birth.

It was a bit of a surprise to receive the postcards, and a nice personalised message from Chern.

I was lucky enough to receive number 300 of 930 too

The imagery in the book is just stellar; it is an inspiration to keep on developing my own eye, shooting skills & technique.

In this ever-increasing digital age, it’s really nice to have books to inspire and reflect on.