Electric Gardens mixes it up and continues to grow more commercial. Here’s my wrap.Now into it’s third year here in Australia, the Electric Gardens Festival continues to collaborate with sub-genre touring groups and adds in a bigger tour schedule across Australia.

After a chilled morning of pancakes with the family, some Dragon Ball FighterZ and fish & chips lunch with Arthur, Anna & Lucas, I slowly made my way over to Rose Bay to the AirBnB that we’d rented for a few nights to find John, Ed, Baz & Sam warming up for the weekend.
Tom, Caitlin & Rowland soon joined us and after a few more hours of dinner prep, this feast of fish tacos was served up, complete with candle light.

Some of the prep that went into it, mainly Vietnamese cooking Mexican style fish purchased in Australia…. (Culture club eat your heart out!!)

The morning was spent fluffing around, as some of the guys went down to Bondi Junction, and to the beach, whilst the rest of us had Bacon & Egg rolls with some chilled beverages and pool time.

I definitely wanted to be in by 2:30PM for Armand Van Helden, and we just got in as he took to the stage.

The first half of his set was full of killer classics; proper house tunes as expected from the man, but I kind of lost the funk in the second half, which was more poppy, sing-a-long kind of music…
I stuck around through local legend Robbie Lowe‘s set, which felt juxtaposed, being progressive, before MK jumped up to play more sing-a-long tunes that left me wanting more oomph, and more funk.

I stepped away from the mainstage and ventured down to the Circolocco stage as Nicole Moudaber was putting the crowd through their paces with some storming tech-house cum techno. It’s also where I found half of our crew after loosing them for a couple hours.

After a while of Moudaber, I wandered up to the Rio Hangout stage for some good olde prog house. Henry Saiz was in control and dishing out some storming tunes. At some point during this set, I found Ed & Baz having a chat to a couple of girls: Kerry & Kady, and our crews kinda melded at that point for the rest of the day.

We left Saiz to head down to hear Dubfire, but at this point half of the crew unfortunately had reached the end of their tether and decided to bail back to the house…

Finally we headed over to hear Fatboy Slim just as he graced the stage with a manipulated version of Praise You before launching into a barrage of crowd-pleasing tunes. The girls wanted to head further into the crowd, so Baz and I went with them, and John bailed. We also had lost Ed…

Fatboy Slim played a very very similar set to what he played 2 years ago. I could swear it was track for track for the first hour at least. As much as it was choppy changing crowd pleasers, it was fairly enjoyable amongst the crowd; a place I don’t tend to frequent.

A fair way into the set as crowd tectonics struck & slipped, I found myself near this girl who had high-fived me earlier in the day.
The next thing I knew, she was telling me that I was going up on her shoulders, which I wasn’t too keen on, but after some persuasion, I was sitting above the crowd as the Fat Man continued to spin.
It turns out that this girl, Rosie, had seen me at elrow last week and was impressed with what I can do. So I guess you could say that I did find a friendly light.

Finally at the end of the festivities, Baz and I jumped the shuttle bus back to Bondi Junction, sharing company with a girl in front of us who had a South American girl yelling in her ear and uncomfortably squishing up next to her on the seat; never pleasant after a long hot day at a festival. We got back to the house via Uber to find the early early leavers sound asleep, and Ed had found some friends to bring back to the house for a “mediocre social gathering” in lieu of a party…

It was fun in a different way from my normal festival experience. Having mates there to hang out with over a weekend is good. Meeting new people is also kinda good. Not dancing as much is a relief on my body, but I think I’d still prefer to Ride the Beat.
Next week is James Zabiela at Manning ahead of his Balance 029 mix release, looking forward to the mayhem!!