An intimate gig with Mr Born Electric himself, Technical master & Jedi James Zabiela was an absolute stormer!!!

I got in late-ish to the progessive sounds of Aaiste to find a fairly empty Manning Bar, with maybe 30 people spread outside and in.

Next up was Murat Kilic with a killer set

When midnight struck, the floor was filled and James strolls out on stage, pelican case in tow, and he ducks down behind the decks as Murat drops his final track. He pops up every once in a while to place a new toy on the table before finally jumping up to FX out the last track and drop his first track.

The tunes all night were storming techy prog, mixed with some haunting vocals; all FX’d in a way that Zabiela is synonymous with.

Loved this mashup of Hugo Massien’s Ghost Note with Nomad’s Devotion from the early 90s

Continuing on with Ghost Note, James’s trademark scratching with FX reverbs, delays and everything else is amazing to watch.

James loves his toys, and was often banging away on this little keyboard, or his iPad mini.

Always love a bit of Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker, and the Kriece remix fits James sound perfectly with the little tweaks of clicks and pops throughout.

The classic Blue Monday by New Order. (It’s funny to see a crowd not really recognise the basslines when they first come in though…)

Last track of the night was Zabiela’s Mesina Mashup of Bon Iver vs Fatima Yamaha CR∑∑KS

After his final track, the house lights come on, and James jumps down off stage and starts posing for photos with the crowd.

I can’t wait to see what Balance 029 will be like. Shame that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to land an early copy that he was handing out, but if it is anything like the night, and/or the preview mix, then we’re in for a killer.