My first venture out to Del Rio Riverside Resort for Return To Rio was definitely interesting, and mostly enjoyable!!

Billed as Australia’s largest fancy dress party, I imagine that it is inspired by, and tries to emulate “Burning Man” in Nevada’s Black Rock Dessert, and the punters certainly do embrace it!! From extravagant wings of eagles, butterflies, angels, devils, to trampy cross-dressing, to plain lingerie, to simple glitter cover; there was so much right, which was sadly outweighed by the wrong….

My main drawcards for the event were Sasha, Lee Burridge, and Late Night Tough Guy (LNTG), with only 1 of 3 leaving me a bit underwhelmed…

When I rocked up mid-Saturday afternoon, I ducked into “The Pool” arena to the sounds of The Owl serving the crowds some mellow housey disco beats and warming up for LNTG. Sadly for me LNTG didn’t pick up the pace enough, so I ventured over to “The Shack” in search of something more energetic. Cassette definitely served up what I was looking for and in no time my feet were dancing, much to the enjoyment of quite a few on-lookers. A couple of hours passed by as Dave Goode, Kerry Wallace and Andrew Wowk kept the tempo up with plenty of break-beaty, funky tunes.

Next up it was off to “The River Stage” to catch CID Inc. for some proggy goodness, but I was still feeling a little restless, so I ducked back to “The Shack” for the ever energetic Roni Size (and my abs are still sore from that decision).

Sasha was absolute magic!!!! Every track was pure bliss, and sounded like he was live remixing tracks of yesteryear but bringing them into the ever-present.

Sunday was another mid-afternoon arrival, after doing some work at “Datsun Day” and a little off-road adventure en-route.
I was in and out between “The Pool” and “The Shack” before finally settling in at “The River Stage” for Oona Dahl, Blond:Ish and Lee Burridge, who dropped an amazing remix of London Grammar‘s Hey Now early on to kick off an amazing set.