2018 was certainly a roller-coaster, and I’m glad to see the end of it, much like plenty of people I know.  It is kind of ironic though as you can take 2018 in Cantonese as “easy to prosper

My word to sum up 2018: Unrequited – not shared or returned by someone else.
I’ve probably felt it the most that I ever have over the course of the year. Maybe it’s just the times, maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s me, but I know that it’s not sustainable. I give and give and give of myself and my talents, but it’s (in most cases) unreciprocated.

So what’s the solution?? Give less? Care less? Expect less? I’ve not quite figured out how to deal, but I really really need to.

I think that I need to look after myself a bit more; prioritise & protect me first, as selfish as that may be. Physically I’m probably in the worst shape of my life, so that needs to be rectified. Spiritually I’m also lacking after a fairly long stint away from the church after being burnt, and hurt. I’m kind of at a loss as to how to ‘go back‘.

This is kind of how the year went:


Sadly I ceased working with Bloomberg in the middle of September; a total tenure of 2 years, 1 month & 4 days.
Over that period I had 6 different colleagues in the same position…

Bloomberg themselves were good to work for, but the main issues that resulted in my leaving were with the vendor company that employed me.
It’s quite comical that part of my undoing was doing my job ‘too well‘. My colleagues relied on the fact that I was doing such a good job that they became lazy. Any suggested improvements or constructive feedback that I made were always taken as complaints.


Lucas continues to be a focal point of this family, spending 2 days a week under the care of my parents. He loves his food – surprise surprise!! With fish, bread, avocado, & strawberries being his favourites

Christmas Dinner

He also got his first trip overseas to Hong Kong with the rest of the family in the middle of November.


KW Fam continued along, albeit with a bit of a hobble. We got a bit complacent and I guess just went through the motions of holding monthly meets without enough thought, planning or preparation put into them. Again I’ve been on and off this year, having more photographic commitments that have hindered my attendance.

UPROCK was a pretty mammoth task, but God’s perfect timing enabled me to do a whole lot more stuff this year; updating the website and helping with regos, putting together a bunch of the marketing materials with some major branding and artwork stuff, alongside doing photos and other AV things. All of this involvement led to me receiving the UPROCK HONOURS 2018 which was a big surprise & humbling experience.

At the AGM I was voted in as the Vice-President for KW Sydney without opposition. Historically it’s been a bit of a figure-head role, but I’m hoping to change that perception and be a bit more pro-active in the role.


Plenty more travel to shoot this year;

  • Phillip Island for Vic Time Attack, topped off with a Downshift Melbourne meet
  • Gatton Queensland for Gatton Motorfest, something that has muddled emotions associated. It was great meeting more #DriftFam, hanging out & shooting. However on the other side of the coin, I had trouble with the organisers in getting a media pass and track access, and the general public were crude and a bit rude – to the point of racism. The aftermath of the event was also a drama with the organisers complaining about their main drift contact and claiming he didn’t do anything for the event. I vowed that I wouldn’t go back.
  • Queensland Raceway for Driftmasters & Hi-Tec Drift Allstars
  • Port Macquarie for Spawn The Drift. Probably some of the most magical lighting conditions that I got to shoot in this year
  • Winton for Hi-Tec Drift Allstars
  • Wakefield for Hi-Tec Drift Allstars & Revolution’s Sunday Session
Drifttrain at Spawn The Drift

I got invited to shoot SubiNats as one of few selected shooters, and changed up some of my subjects with a couple of band gigs & location portraits. Some of my photos also ended up in the newspaper – The Fairfield Advance (which went on to being on the Daily Telegraph’s website) from covering Plano’s – CheesestEak and Cars events

CheesestEak and Cars

I racked up 12 articles for ZEN Garage over the year, with a couple in the pipeline, in a turbulent year for the brand. At the end of the day, I support these guys who have supported me along the way. Contributing for ZEN has led to doing some writing and shooting for Bendix Brakes.

All in all I fired off 68471 shots over the course of the year, publishing 76 albums on my Facebook page.


What’s in store for 2019??
I really need to get myself organised!!! Tidy up my life, get fit – spiritually, mentally & physically, get a job & get some good friendships in place.
It should hopefully see my RED Hydrogen One in Titanium arrive to get stuck in to doing some video bits & pieces. Job-dependant I also want to get into planning the evolution of Moro-The-Stagea, and planning some overseas travel to shoot & connect.



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