Missing Out; it’s a reality that I have always had to deal with, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. With the rise of social media though, it’s fast become something that people tend to be more aware of, and can wallow in, reflect on or take joy in.

Last Saturday, the 19th January, was a pretty hotly contested day in terms of events happening in my sphere of interests. F.O.M.O. naturally kicked in when thinking about what should/could I attend.

Image from Status Seasonal

First off the bat was Status Seasonal – a car meet taking place down in Melbourne organised by Khang; a Melbourne based shooter that I’d worked with at Downshift for the RWB Film Premiere (Article), and a couple friends. The initial teasers for their new event mid 2018 sparked some interest, but they were just placeholders, and when the planned event for August fell through I’d lost a bit of confidence in them. That combined with charges for Media Passes led to a decided no to heading down for the event, plus cost of travel, accomodation etc etc
By the looks of things though, the event turned out pretty good; sparking a renaissance for the somewhat dwindling, or at least less seen, Melbourne car scene.

Another event that took place, this time up north (5 hours drive), was the birthday bash for a guy in the drift scene. I’d kind of heard about the event taking place, and had even had queries to purchase images I’d shot of his car from previous drift events. A couple of days before it happened, I got a Facebook message saying sorry I hadn’t yet been invited; like that’s really any solace??
It turned out that plenty of friends in the drift scene were up there shredding tires in the 40-something degree heat. The Reality Of Missing Out on this one was something that was an easy realisation – last minute (potential) invite, long distance travel (especially hard as a soloist), more work, more expectations to deliver images.

More local to me was the Tuned JDM Festival, which in all honesty, I thought was just another Tuned meet. Don’t get me wrong, Chris and his team continue to put meets on and that’s a great thing!! This one was apparently a bit bigger, with Britney’s Supra being unveiled, and a show n shine and more vendors….
I had intended to head out, but as the morning went on and the time crept by, my motivation to head waned and waned… I guess I Chose On Missing Out…

So what did I end up doing?? I played games all day and watched tv!!! My J.O.M.O.
The 16th season of Diablo 3 kicked off at midday, so I jumped into that and levelled my Demon Hunter up. And I continued to plough through Gotham, which I’m finally all caught up on!! It’s been an interesting run through the show with plenty of (alt)origin stories of the characters around the Batman universe.

Isn’t it interesting that with socials these days, we can not go to an event and still be able to catch the event?? I mean I was able to watch a few livestreams of Status Seasonal, catch a couple of vids from the drift event, and flick through photo albums and watch a few videos from the JDM Festival, all from the comfort of my own room!!

Is there a take-away from all this pondering?? Maybe live in the moment of the events you do get to? Take in the company, the things going on. Plan ahead and commit to doing things? If people value you or your events, they will prioritise them.