This years Electric Gardens lineup was absolutely huge!!! Here’s how the day panned out for me.

Unfortunately the big headliners UNDERWORLD had to pull out at the start of January, but that meant that one of favourite DJs, and probably one of the first internationals that I saw; Nick Warren, got to step up for a second stint on the main stage.

The whole lineup was a smorgasbord of DJs from the eras:


Set Mo



Eelke Kleijn

Ricky Cooper

Erick Morillo

Beth Yen

Patrick Topping

Paul van Dyk

Guy Mantzur

Tristan Case

Nick Warren

Eats Everything


Sean Tyas

Patrice Bäumel

Bag Raiders (Live)



Lax & Lokesh

Way Out West

With so many artists across the 4 stages, there were bound to be clashes and the inability to see everyone I wanted to see/hear.

I got in just after 3pm to the sounds of Set Mo on the main stage with some mid arvo chilled beats, but quickly made my way over to The Hangout to catch Way Out West take us on a journey through some of their sounds spanning their careers, including Killa from their Don’t Look Now Album, and plenty of tracks from Tuesday Maybe, including Set My Mind, which definitely got my dancing shoes set for the day. Good to see Nick on the sticks banging out some of the beats & fx too!!

Eelke Kleijn stepped up next and slowly pushed out some tunes, but not quite enough to keep me around, so I went for a wander.

I came across the tail end of Bag Raiders playing live and at the beginning of Sunlight, which is really hard to keep still to, although the crowds didn’t seem to agree with me. Equally so with their last tune, another fave of theirs: Shooting Stars. They finished early to accomodate for stage changes, so I went for another wander back to Eelke to see how he was doing.

Amnesia stage looked absolutely packed

The sound was a bit of a problem amongst The Hangout & Amnesia stages; one too loud, one too soft. It was kind of odd, because as I got closer to the Amnesia stage, the sound volumes dropped significantly… Eats Everything was pumping out some bangers, but the crowd (again) just didn’t seem to be enjoying it…. Preoccupied with drinking, talking and taking selfies & group photos…

Back over to the Main Stage to see Nick Warren bring progressive sounds to the masses. It was good to hear him drop Underworld’s Cowgirl.

Erick Morillo is always one to bang out some tunes and get the party going, and for the next 2 hours I had a blast!!! I got to bust out my trademark moves, drawing much attention from plenty of people in the crowd and passers by. You know you’re having fun when you start catching calf cramps…

Totally spent from Morillo, I got over to catch some of Paul van Dyk’s set, which was just pure trance goodness!! It was amazing to hear him drop Greece 2000 by Three Drives on a Vinyl. I didn’t have the stamina to stick around to catch For An Angel though.

I also got to keep on playing around with my Red Hydrogen One’s camera, and came up with these images, shot on manual mode, which gives control over ISO & shutter speed.

All in all a pretty good day out in the Gardens!! Despite not having many mates there, a few people recognised me as “that dancing guy”, showed me some videos of me dancing, grabbed a snap, and had a boogie. I also ran into some old InTheMixers hanging out. Funnily enough, they were with this girl I used to work with at NAB. I felt a bit awkward though, she was a good looking tease back in the day….

Interested to see what #EG2020 will bring!! And if it will continue to become more commercial.