It was my birthday on Thursday, but being a valentines baby, it’s always a bit hard to celebrate with dinner as couples are usually out on the town….

After a decent home made brunch I ventured out east to grab Justin Fox; the man behind ZEN Garage amongst numerous other ventures, whose been through some rough times over the last year.

I finally got the chance to give him a tee which he designed for Yokohama for WTAC back in 2015. He didn’t manage to pick one up for himself, and they had since sold out of them. Luckily I’d grabbed 3 of the different variations and still had this one tucked away in the cupboard in it’s original packaging too.

We got on the road out to Western Sydney International Dragway for the 4th round of the Whiteline Twilight Rallysprint, which took us about 1.5 hours through some pretty slow damned traffic, and had Justin chewing my ear off with conversation.

The main reason Justin wanted to come out was to catch the ZEN Garage sponsored Dalrymple Racing BNR32. He tells me it’s the furthest he’s been out of the house in ages, and I’m so glad that he could do it.

After a good few hours wandering around and shooting the Rallysprint, we jumped back in #MoroTheStagea and headed back to Justin’s place. We (he) talked about some of his old school peers from the design community like Anders Schroder of D-Form1, Bradley Grosh of GMUNK and Domenic Bartolo of 21-19; guys that have done heaps of graphic design and people I’d seen and been influenced by from the Semi-Permanent platform.

All in all I did maybe 5 hours of driving, 3+ hours of listening, 3+ hours of shooting, and gave a present on my birthday, but these things were more than worth it to see the man getting out, reconnecting with people and just having fun in general.