For the last 4ish months, Monday mornings have been pretty invigorating.  I’ve been up early, out of the house and out to Maroubra for Threesome Monday creatives with Justin and the gang.  The days were a good chance to punch out some photo editing and/or writing as well as capture some BTS stuff of things happening as they soft-launched their Creative Agency; #SNIPING client meetings, studio shoots, lunchtime and internal meetings.

This last Monday, I struggled to get up; staying in bed well past 10am.  Unfortunately I’m no longer ‘needed‘ with the Threesome team.  I’m told that they can’t afford to keep me on, which I really don’t understand because realistically I could have continued doing what I did without being paid.  For me it kind of came out of the blue, but I had an inkling that something was up.  It’d be nice to link up with them if/when they do get to a stage where they require my services.

So here’s to pushing on to the next thing.  As I do, I’m reminded of Prince Ashitaka from Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke movie where as he sets off to the land in the west to fight the evil forces and see things with eye unclouded by hate, he cuts his hair.  This act of cutting hair in Japanese lore is reminiscent of the Samurai in the Edo period cutting their Chonmage, and Sumo wrestlers doing the same, but also a little of Seppuku; the ritual Japanese suicide by means of disembowlment.

Here’s a few of my favourite shots taken during my stint with Threesome.

To Infinity & Beyond!!!