For the last 5 1/2 months I’ve been involved in planning & executing #UPROCK2019; the annual Christian Hip-Hop Summit run by KROSSWERDZ.

This years journey has honestly been pretty frustrating for me, and I wish I could say it’s been equally rewarding, but as I sit here after the fact I’m sad to say that frankly it personally hasn’t been.

Let me quantify my experiences… (And these are my views and interpretations only)
2019 has been a busy year of change for plenty of the Krosswerdz family; Kristy has made the move back up the mountains with Jamie and Emma, Marz has been continuing his studies, and Matt and Marie have welcomed Enoch into the world and have their hands full with him.  With these things in mind, I took on the task of trying to push the UPROCK wagon into motion and organise things, but I guess tradition still rules and people are most comfortable with what they know and that is that Matt, Marz & Kristy are “KROSSWERDZ“.  This means that they are seen as the key points of contact for anything, and with the busyness of life communications get lost in that.

Whilst we had a fairly large team interested in helping to organise UPROCK 2019 with plenty of good ideas, life also got in the way with work, school, family etc meaning that the resources to execute good ideas became limited.  Some team members also had a laser focus on particular parts of UPROCK, which, at times, made it a little difficult as a whole summit.

So all in all here’s (most of) the things I did to make the summit happen: regos, website, flyers, Facebooks, Instagrams, compilation cover, booklet, & UPROCK trailer.

Come to the actual event and I spent the majority of the time shooting photos amongst organising other bits and pieces.  I didn’t get much of an opportunity to connect with people.  It’s a sacrifice that someone along the way needs to make, to put others first and faithfully serve.  I think it comes with age and wisdom.

I got a few small moments with our international guests; A quick chat with Holly at dinner on Thursday night.  Some photos with Supazilla on Monday at the beach, and the encouragement that he values those who document what we are doing. Dinner and chats with James (+ Marz and Christine) on Tuesday night.  Throw in some time with extended Australian KW family with Bella, Iven & Ariella, meeting Eliza, sharing a meal with Chris.

Looking through the experiences of others, plenty of them enjoyed the community & fellowship with one another; building friendships for life.  It’s hard not to be envious of these, but encouraging to know that I’ve had a major hand in fostering these, whether they know it or not.  I often ask myself why do it?  Why put myself through such toil and pain to see others benefit over myself, but then the answer is always answered in the question…  for others…

Next year sees the 10th Anniversary edition of UPROCK, which means some pretty big plans will come into play.  Looking forward to seeing what the LORD does, how our KROSSWERDZ community grows & develops and who makes it to Sydney, Australia to bless and be blessed.

Here’s a small snapshot of some things produced for this year.



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