My yearly pilgrimage to Mrs Macquaries Chair for Fuzzy’s Harbourlife to dance my ass off to House Music all day long has come and gone!!

This years lineup was a bit mixed with the sub-genres of house growing:

  • Human Movement
  • Cassian
  • Sam Divine
  • Weiss
  • Christoph
  • Solardo
  • Duke Dumont

I got in to catch the tail end of Human Movement, dropping Kings of Tomorrow’s Finally before finishing of with some very interesting breakbeats leading into Cassian who took the soundtrack in a more mellow direction.

Sam Divine by Steve Wall Photography

Best set of the day would have to go to the queen of Defected; Sam Divine who just hammered out a mix of old and new house classics with a big party vibe.

The next few DJs seemed to blur with very similar sounds. It was at this time that the substances and alcohol seemed to hit the punters…

I had several girls come and sit at my feet (not like Ruth & Boaz), then after a while seek medical attention to possibly vomit….

One guy asked if he could sit where I was dancing, and when I told him “no, because I’m dancing here” ark up, stand over me and say “Are we going to have a problem?” before his girlfriend whisked him away.

A couple of cute girls with their boyfriends seemed to pick me out of the crowd to ridicule me…. starting with repeated high-fives every few minutes to shoving their camera phone in my face with the light on…. Their tune changed when I danced up a storm in the crowd, at which point they just wanted to try and talk to me…. yeah nah….

Duke Dumont closed out the festival, ramping things up with “Red Light Green Light” amongst others, I think he also played a mash/remix of LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”.

He finally finished with “Ocean Drive” and I just couldn’t help but freestyle Beat Ride to this mellow beat, thankfully I was able to ask a couple who had been recording me to send me the footage.