It’s been a week since the Sgt Peppers. post.
Plenty of people have been in contact since then; a few unexpected, but all appreciated. I’m yet to respond to the majority of people, but I will (try to) get around to you.


It was interesting (and not too surprising) to see the responses to the post.  The fact is that in this day and age, technology & society are almost grooming people to suffer from loneliness.  It’s something that I kind of want to explore a bit further as I experience and think more on it.

I think that just the build up of everything hit me a little hard, and so I’ve kind of taken the last week to myself, to recooperate.


On Saturday I ended up in Lithgow at the State Mines for the wedding of my friends Ant & Greer.  The morning started off well with a drive up Bells Line of Road, only regret was not stopping in at Pie In The Sky.


The venue was super cool, mixing that rustic feel, that is so popular with weddings these days, with a more industrial feel coming from all the run down machinery.


I went into the wedding only really knowing 5 of the 30 odd people there; Ant, Greer, Christine, Ehs and (in)famous SpeedHunter Matthew Everingham, who was on photographic duties.  As the afternoon and evening progressed, and the Gin cocktails flowed thanks to My Little Peony, I met and chatted to a few more; something a little out of my comfort zone, but I think a good thing to do more often.  The evening ended with a spirited drive back down the mountains chasing Everingham in THE009


After just over 3 hours of sleep, it was up and at them to go and meet Beardo and head down to Pheasant Woods Circuit at Marulan for day 2 of Tour De Rev.


Having shot the demo day here at the end of September, it was good to see how many drifters had made the effort to get to the track, from pro, pro-am, amateur & grass-roots.



This week has been spent editing photos, looking for work and keeping to myself before a busy afternoon/evening at the track yesterday with the guys from DrivingSports doing some promo for the Festival of Japanese & European Cars, followed by the Whiteline Twilight Rallysprint.