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Learning to build

3 min read

So CHONGLAND is coming along fairly well.

I'm happy with the current design, look and feel of things, but it has been a bit of a struggle.

I'm utilising XHTML and CSS as the "coding technologies" and I must say that these languages have changed quite a bit since I was at TAFE. The amount of things that you can do with them is incredible, and they've made other bits and pieces of HTML absolutely redundant.

I've also had a dabble at some PHP with a lot of help from Mudweg. As it turns out, Internet Explorer doesn't like certain transparent images, so I've found a lovely workaround on that, but I'm not sure how I'm going to implement it into this blog page.

Anyways, on Thursdays I've started the habit of going to The Loft Cafe, in Macquarie Centre in the afternoons, to go over what we did in PTC the night before. I seem to concentrate a bit better out where there is ambient noise(??) and less controlled distractions, plus the staff are especially friendly.

Today I ended up there in the morning, after a haircut, but didn't have the concentration to do a lot of Bible reading, so after a semi-solid effort, I turned to jotting down my CHONGLAND V2.0 ideas and by gum I had some good ones. They're looking somewhat hard to implement, and I'd say the chances of me having them ready by the 16th are virtually none, but it's somewhat of a project to upskill me in Flash and programming.

Tomorrow sees a lot of travel organisation and general running about, but I also hope to have a crack at getting some forums up and running, so that when I launch this baby people may actually be able to interact somewhat with me and each other, and I'll also try to get some sort of little card published to hand around to friends and aquaintances so the know CHONGLAND exists.

A bit of a techy yarn tonight, but for those that aren't into all that techy stuff, here's what happened in my day today. I had a nice haircut today at Hair After at Trafalgar Square in Marsfield by a lovely young lady Carissa. Not as friendly as my previous hairdresser, Sara, there, but nice enough all the same. Apart from drinking coffee, reading the Bible and designing in Macq centre, I collected my winnings on a scratchie, deposited a cheque, bought a pair of board shorts and had a nice chat with a girl from Church (hopefully many more of those to come).

3 Days to launch CHONGLAND and pack for Hong Kong, so looks like busy times ahead, better get some sleep, so I can watch movies on the plane :D